Monday, July 18, 2011

See? I take on Liberals! from M. Makeright (fb)

Like Matt Taibbi, David Swanson also thinks the debt ceiling debate is a fraud. Matt Taibbi describes the debt ceiling charade in his own inimitable way: But what is becoming equally obvious, to both sides, is that the Obama White House is …
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    • Soup McGee questions the "doesn't want," given the likelihood of any r agreeing with him. No, that is all. Just agreeing. Over anything. So what kinda progressive budget deal yall propose? One that closes gitmo and brings home the boys and girls? Me tooooo! Woot! And I support Mickey Mouse being a pet of mine and not a cartoon, but, oh well.
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    • Soup McGee claims no right to the term Mickey Mouse or associated mental imagery.
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    • Denise Groves unless these people are in obama's brain and know what he is thinking,they do not know what obama wants. lets just wait and see how this plays out. and i do not think they meet with him every morning with his council, so how can anyboy profess to knowing what the potus wants?
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    • Barbara Wold I wonder if people will ever drop their denial and absorb the fact that obama is a corporatist through and through
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    • Soup McGee ‎???!? wow. anywho...
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    • Soup McGee is guessing you don't spend much time watching C-Span. Or, uh, reading. Capitalist? Sure. Corporatist? Please read, respond:​2010/03/origins-of-the-tea​-party-movement-part-1/
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    • Barbara Wold I'm guessing you're one of the people in denia
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    • Barbara Wold ‎"denial" -- if you don't know what corporatist means in today's twisted capitalist system, YOU don't read.
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    • Soup McGee is with the fire brigade on this one. that fight, my fellow neighbor, is one we can fight, together after this threat to our way of life that undermines our freedoms and power to transfer peacefully that power is DEALT WITH. Denial. I love my lefties. WE ARE AWESOME! Stay angry, lady...wheeze gonna need you..
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    • Soup McGee
      No, Seriously. Look around you.
      ALEC links every one of Family families within the Wealthiest 400 (those that would rather not see their landed gentry “take off”) by their interests in associated Boards, Trusts, Charities, PACS, and, more often (and likely) than not, ONE Religiously- intertwined Political doctrine,. This is a charge I levy with very little quaking of my boots (which, thank you Bono, I AM wearing)- meaning, “where there is smoke there is fire”- 29 US-based Companies had more money last year than the US treasury. http://www.theatlanticwire​.com/business/2011/07/wedn​esday-29-companies-had-mor​e-cash-us-treasury/40110/​th/forbes-400/list
      Meanwhile, the Treasury- which printed and protects that and every dollar, as well as the property rights of those who use it and all that it Might purchase-stands to default at the request of these 400 families- or their PACS- HOW?-through their and our elected officials using ALEC, all the while legally bound to Never Raise Taxes Under Any Circumstances by​nathan-chait/91910/grover-​norquist-has-thought-every​thing-well-almost-everythi​ng

      Grover Norquist, whose pledge has indeed, starved “the Beast.” His “recommendation” was well-taken; the Who should be Obvious by now. If not, maybe you are the problem. Just saying. Well ahead of schedule is the stated goal of “Cutting the government in half in one generation [as] both an ambitious and reasonable goal. If we work hard we will accomplish this and more by 2025. Then the conservative movement can set a new goal. I have a recommendation: To cut government in half again by 2050.” Read more:​g-government-half-a1095#ix​zz1SWRRCxDa

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    • Soup McGee will complain about Obama later, like, when the real Politicking begins: Tuesday, November 6, 2012. 2016 is the fight; if we default- won't hardly matter...denial...geez...
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    • Barbara Wold Guess what. Politics and politicos will fix nothing in terms of what is lacking in our way of life.
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    • Soup McGee
      thinks if you hate gov so much,. you are the wrooooong country...there is no solution to the problem, as you frame it that does not include central planning, voiding THAT theory...Imma play madden an figger out how to defeat the republican go on and stay mad at Obama if it makes you feel better. Final thought? from​nathan-chait/91910/grover-​norquist-has-thought-every​thing-well-almost-everythi​ng "Question: What if a Republican signed the pledge, but then Washington was engulfed in a nuclear holocaust that incinerated the safe and killed the two witnesses? Would it then be okay for him to support a tax increase? Or is there a third safety mechanism to enforce the pledge? "
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    • Barbara Wold You have your books. I'll stay in real life, thanks
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    • Soup McGee ‎?!?!?!? SOCK PUPPET!!!! Be real, real. Real life? HELLO? Default mean FROZEN ECONOMY! DEAD PEOPLE ROTTING! HELLO!
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    • Soup McGee denial...crizzy, cirrusly.
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