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And Now, The Refutation of JD, Christian Fighter Pilot...

Soup McGee
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I am maybe missing something, but um, JD, I’m looking at the book- that puts some kinda hole in your take, I gotta say-

“@Chris Rodda

I already said…what the source was…

On the contrary. You can’t provide a citation because Schwarzkopf never said “displays of Christianity by American troops in a Muslim country…put our troops in danger,” as you claimed. You’re asking for a judgment on a fake quote.

Are you becoming a pseudohistorian now?”——–JD

“In his autobiography, General Schwarzkopf recounted his 1990 run-in with
one fundamentalist Christian organization—an incident that made it clear…
that the Saudis’ fears and complaints of Christian proselytizing were not unfounded.”- Rodda

“What I was talking about was the contrast between the policies put in place in Saudi Arabia in 1990 by General Norman Schwarzkopf to keep the troops safe (which JD apparently disagrees with), -rodda

Instead of evading the point with which came first, the article or the book chapter, why don’t you address the point — that General Schwarzkopf said that displays of Christianity by American troops in a Muslim country (even those much less visible than the examples in my article and/or book chapter) put our troops in danger. I want to see you say flat out, right here, that you disagree with what General Schwarzkopf said. Do you have the guts to do that?-rodda BUT IT CONTINUES, JD. OOOPS. “Their insistence on religious purity not withstanding, the Saudi’s recognized that our own troops could not be denied the right to practice their own religions, as long as they did so discreetly.” and still more, later on the same page you must have missed and should have read before calling someone a liar…”…will not let them advertise, publicize or let them be filmed…” So, what is it you are saying is a lie exactly?
I thiiiiiink I see where you are getting off track, though, JD. Chris Rodda used what we like to call “a distillation” method in thinking- she narrowed down the page to one or so main ideas, so as to better understand, dissect, consider, and integrate.


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