Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bachmann's Staff are Quislings, A Message For The Sane

  • Michael Williams · West Valley College CA. Grand Valley University MI. Pima College AZ.
    Wow, hereon this forum we have people defending tactics normally used in dictatorships and third world countries. Folks, If you run for President you you get asked the hard questions. If you regularly come up with answers that make normal people laugh, or shake their heads sadly, you should expect to be news. Beating up reporters is not the answerin the USA. Afghanistan, Columbia, Russia yes. The USA?
  • Tony Lyndell Williams · Richardson, Texas
    Ross wanted to ask her if she had ever missed a vote in the House because of migranes.

    A legitimate question.

    Are the migranes so severe that she may not be able to function in an emergency as president? The only doctor I have read who has commented is her son... hardly an objective source.
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  • Michael Walsh
    The press is allowed to ask questions when they like to people out in public. The reporter did nothing wrong. The security did. I don't think Bachmann did anything wrong, but her security did. There was no need to push him around.
  • Peter Rothe · Union High
    so a "journalist". can describe a "journalist" as "dashed" while the Security detail, calls it "rushing"... Bachman. Wait a minute, is "dashing" or "rushing" a canditate or, lol, ANYONE, now a Right of the press? Of course if a "normal" person dashed at or rushed any canditate or, lol, ANYONE, well fists up.
    • Michael Finney · DeVry Irving
      Putting "journalist" in quotes is really stupid since they knew exactly who he was.
    • Michael Walsh
      So that reporter shouldn't, by your statement, have been allowed to try to ask questions of Mrs. Bachmann, because she was moving? Odd, I have never heard such silly horsecrap before, of course reporters can follow and ask her questions, it's a free country. If she doesn't want reporters running after her asking questions, maybe she should try standing still and answering them. Security over-reacted, end of statement.
    • Soup McGee · Learntitol University
      thinks if he was a self-employed, homeschooling, individual retirement account owning guy with a concealed carry (gun) permit who wanted to ask Barack Obama a question about the "blood of tyrants" y'all who have a problem with the "journalist" wouldn't. BTW? How are we going to fnd a peaceable and valid transfer of power once the Domestic Terrorists​log-briefing-room/news/157​999-former-bush-official-g​op-like-al-qaeda-on-debt-c​eiling in Congress. This is a "Default Secession" by Christian Anarchists who refuse to believe that man can govern man, even while saying the Constitution is Divine. Which is it, blasphemers? Which is it? America or Jesus- in Politics, you either make a choice or find yourself disqualified....for this to happen.....ask yourself...what WAS the Flash Crash Of 2010? Who is Lew Rockwell, R.J. Rushdoony, Gary North, and Grover Norquist? How are they related to ALEC? You Tea Partiers are no longer only an embarrassment- your and your proudly, blatantly seditious beliefs have led you to vote for representative who willfully acts of Treason. No, pretty sure. The Grover Pledges, being a legally binding contract, is null and void, being that the Constitution would bot enforce it minus revenue, and the pledge does not allow for the creation of any revenue because the end goal is the end of the state. Why vote if we don't pay taxes? what are we voting for? This has been a message for the sane. Have fun with that...#EndThePledge! Quislings Everywhere! http://soupsauntieoxymoron​
  • David Parsons · Top Commenter · Carnegie Mellon University
    So a "journalist" rushed Bachmann, wound up up in the arms of her bodyguards, and friends of the "journalist" are whining about it. I believe this is "news" only because the bodyguards were protecting a conservative. Or would it also be "news" if the bodyguards were the Secret Service, or bouncers at a bar?
  • Timothy Kruse · College of Saint Thomas More
    She did not want to answer, he should not have pressed his luck.
  • Bonnie Tobin
    The main stream media is determined to undermind any GOP canidate. Especially Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. Yet not a bit of coverage about Obama lying about his mother's health insurance not covering her cancer. Wake up people and smell the coffee!
  • Bob Hebert · Hartford, Connecticut
    The reporter was threatning. Period! In light of the Giffords Arizona Shooting, he should consider himself lucky. Jerk off Paparazzi tactics won't be tolerated anymore. The Secret Service would have shot him.
  • Nan Wyoming Maxon-Rasor
    Such media bias against women and conservatives. No wonder the L.A. Times is so irrelevant.
  • Peter Rothe · Union High
    so, lol, lets put "ANYONE" in quotes. Does that make you feel better?

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