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Describe MNC, Leadership, Organizational Structure---NonState Actors

   I chose the Multi-National Corporation, Citigroup. Citigroup, not a “tax-avoider” but a “tax-evader,” not that there’s anything wrong with that (smirk) –“Reagan director of enforcement, John M. Fedders, had been a corporate lawyer. He read his staff’s report and wrote, “Assuming that Citicorp’s conduct was illegal, this fact alone is not sufficient to have required disclosure or to justify the initiation of an enforcement proceeding…I do not subscribe to the theory that a company that violates tax and exchange control regulations is a bad corporation…” was created in June 1812 in New York, New York as City Bank of New York. This corporate “person” birthed Banamex in1884, SmithBarney in 1873, Bank Handlowy in 1870, Salomon Brothers in 1910; then, First National City Corporation became the parent company in 1968, and in 1998, all divisions merged with all divisions of Travelers Group, and became the CitiGroup we (mostly) see today.
Operating under the umbrella name Citigroup, under the helm of CEO Vikram Pandit, as more than 200 corporations in 160 countries and jurisdictions, Citigroup booked 200 million accounts as of the end of 2011. They provide for two distinct types of banking, A: Citicorp, overseeing Regional Consumer Banking/Institutional Client (Government, MNC’s, etc.) accounts, and Citi Holdings, overseeing Brokerage/Asset Management, Local Consumer Lending, and that special Special Asset Pool. To have a Special Asset Account, you must be a Five-millionaire.
            I chose this MNC because of their long-term strategy to maintain a profitable amount of instability, as evidenced by a generational anti-taxation attitude. Being that the stated goals of the 9/11 terrorists was to disrupt the American economy, I see a very clear similarity in intent. Though clearly not a terrorist group, a non-allegiant MNC operating as one of the four largest financial institutions in the world without any reason to seek political or economic stability is without doubt part responsible for the coming bursting bubble. But, then again, aren’t we all?
            In 2009, TARP funds totaling at least $356 billion were repaid in full by Citigroup. What this means is that we feel a little more comfortable with the idea that they are financially healthy enough to pool their money together with their vey richest investors (all connected through other banks and lobbyists, no doubt—Citigroup, says SourceWatch, employs more lobbyists than any other financial services company) and buy America (all of her debts, as I believe is how the Fed. We have now was created to begin with, in 1913. Competing Fed. Reserves? AWESOME! NOT!) ) if their ideological partners in the legislative branch convince the populace to vote against allowing further Federal (Keynesian) actions in the event of (duh, when we hit another) financial crisis. Finally, I believe citizens are owed an accounting of the business practices that allow for the beating of a man to death in (see article…NPR linked.) Indonesia.


Writing Assignment                          Non-State Actors

Go to one or more of the following websites.  Choose an international advocacy group, terrorist group, or multinational corporation and describe: 1) background; 2) leadership;
3) organizational structure.  Type your answers in the box below using your own words, no outline or bullets, complete sentences and paragraphs, single-spaced, full-page. 
Give as much detail as possible. ,  , www.
TerroristGroupProfiles.html ,


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Good Ole Days --- I Remember Working, Vaguely...

Daily Description Of Responsiblities At Yes, I Prolly Called You Telemarketing

Position:   Fundraiser

(not necessarily in order of importance)
1. Code each Call correctly upon completion.

]2. Stay conversational in greeting, tone, and pitch.

3. Give daily updated information (researched by me) about party, and importance of potential donor being involved, as they often have been before,
even if they don't want to be involved and don't have any money, and

4. Meet and sustain daily and hourly quotas (which I didn't have a whole lot of trouble doing until the economy went bust).

5. Make about well, lets see, roughly 70 calls an hour, give or take bad hours or rush hours, six to eight hours a day, which leads to

6. Developing lists of donors, including developing their attitudes by providing information described in 3, to the tune of five to six-hundred calls every day. Maybe 200-250 contacts. And maybe on the good days, a third will gve a bit.

7. Get Al Franken seated (so you can have the Health Care Plan the President promised he would sign into law, the one where the insurance companies don't make
the medical decisions, you and your doctor do, and if it is going to be prohibitively expensive, they, the doctors, will have to give you the care that you need, much like you
go to the emergency room knowing that even if it turns out to not be an emergency they, the doctors there, will give you the care that you need. And it turns out to cost
$75 for a Vicodin. Shouldn't you be able to just go to your doctor? Shouldn't there be the same standard of assumed need for all patients? Well, Al Franken knows that's why you are the progressive voter you are, and no-one's saying that anyone knows how to spend your money better than you do. I'm only here to ask if you want to support the morals and values we share by making an affordable donation, and by affordable I mean only what you might feel comfortable giving, and while federal law protects you because after all I called you, if you want to put any amount at all on a)

8. Process donations by verifying billing information and occasionally by credit cards.

9. And I helped Barack Obama get elected by working in connection with the Democratic National Committee (they will deny this of course).

a. Vietnam Veterans Of California.
b. League of Conservation Voters
c. Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
d. League of Women Voters.
f. Democrats for America's Future (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.)
g. Arizona Democratic Party
h. California Democratic Party
i. Mark Udall's Successful campaign for Senate of Colorado.
j. Colorado Democratic Party
k. Nevada Democratic Party
l. Ohio Democratic Party
m. Rick Noriega's un-sucessful campaign for Senate in Texas, losing to John Cornyn. Fuck you, John Cornyn.
n. Washington State Democratic Party
o. California NOW
p. Massachusetts NOW
q. Emily's List
r. Democratic Senatorial Campaign Comittee
s. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
t.American Civil Liberties Union
u. Amnesty International
v. Barbara Boxer's Campaign for Senate (2010)
w. Terry McCaliffe for Governor of Virginia (2010)
x. Maryland Democratic Party
y. Massachusetts Democratic Party
z. Montana Democratic Party (yes, they have one, and if you s p e a k  v e r y  s l o w ly and say Max Baucus' name right, they just might give you money. But not with a debit or credit card.

and Christine Gregoire's successful campaign to be re-elected as governor of Washington State. Other assorted charities and generally progressive causes.
Dina Titus.
Frank Kratovil.
NewYorkCares 20th Annual Coat Drive.
again, with the information:
"Well the first thing you should do is register all your phone numbers with the government's "Do Not Call Registry". A common myth is that you cannot register your cellular phone number. Not true! You can register your home and cell phone numbers with the "Do Not Call Registry". Registering your number will eliminate many calls from telemarketers after about 30 days from the time you registered. Telemarketers are required by law to not call any number on that list. Violating that law can carry severe penalties. There are some exceptions, like charities and communications companies, but for the most part, legitimate businesses will honor the list and never call you."

United Farm Workers.
Hillel. "You sound like a nice goy."

Also, don't forget interrupting dinner and removing dead people from the lists.

and this, well this is just interesting: As an example of how an appealing slippery slope argument can be unsound,
suppose that whenever a tree falls down,
it has a 95% chance of knocking over another tree.
We might conclude that soon a great many trees would fall, but this is not the case. There is a 5% chance that no more trees will fall,
 a 4.75% chance that exactly one more tree will fall (and thus a 9.75% chance of 1 or less additional trees falling), and so on.
There is a 92.3% chance that 50 or fewer additional trees will fall.
The expected value of trees that will fall is 20.
In the absence of some momentum factor that makes later trees more likely to fall than earlier ones,
this "domino effect" approaches zero probability.

 -----Oh boy. Gooooooooood times. My throat still hurts. I would do it again. But I'm a bit, well, connected to the issues. Chuckle.

You Paid For This Ass-Whooping, Nativist...

 13 minutes ago · Like
        Soup McGee
        ‎,"Asshole." 1

        This is a story about rape, and being raped, and watching rape, and yes, raping. So far, I know you must be
        thinking...I am not really going to get anything out of this.
        Go on, then.
        I don't really see you getting much from reading this. It's more for me than anything.


        That was how I came to be John Alden. All-den. Even if I hadn't been adopted then, if I had grown up in the foster home nearby with the alcoholic father and the violent mother, my name would have been near the top of every list, except on backwards day."Brazas" means "fire" in general Lithuanian dialect, and that is a fair description of what I do know about my mother. What I remember being told was that she had run away from home when she was twelve, that her father was touching her, and so she ran away, but she became a prostitute and a drug addict and had me when she was fifteen. What I remember happening is in line with that. Brace yourself, gentle reader. I can see the labia drooping down across my mouth, I can hear the zipper being pulled up as she leaves me in a backpack for days at a time, I can (sorry had to pause there) see the wall she has thrown me at approaching (some days at different speeds), I can still see some of the cigarette scars she left me as a memento of our time together.
        As an Alden, it didn't take me long to "act out." I ran away within a week, just headed off down the hill while whomever was watching me went inside for two minutes or something. I was found about 1/4 mile up the street with a load in my pants. I was in therapy (get it? the rapee? Ha.) by age five because I set a fire in the house. (Ok, so I know that sounds bad, so for the record,what happened was that my dad always let me strike the match when we lit a fire, and I wanted to strike a match, not start a fire, so I went to the kitchen and I grabbed a coffee mug, then sat down in front of the family room fire place, struck the match, put the match in the coffee mug, and in my haste to put it out when I immediately heard footsteps coming the stairs, I knocked over the cup and burned a hole in the carpet. In front of the fireplace. Ok?) The lady we went to told me when we were alone that there was a good John and a bad John, and together we were going to get rid of the bad John. I probably told her to go fuck herself. I found out somehow later that this lady had told the Aldens that I was obviously being sexually abused, maybe even by them, and they became indignant and that was why I went to a Different therapist the next month.
        Now, yes, I was not a very good kid. In fact, here is a little story that will illustrate the difficulty of the little shit that I was, and the sort of trouble I get into. When I was four, I waited until Trish and Dad left in the morning, she being mad that he was ready to go, and he being mad that she wasn't, the car is warmed up, I'm leaving in five minutes whether or not you are ready, he says, and she is fuming in the bathroom upstairs, and when they walk outside, I bolt across the landing to see what Mom is doing, and if she wants to watch them go. But she is in the shower, and I am excited, so I take off all of my clothes and crawl under thick red plaid bedspread/comforter, and wait. When she comes out and stands naked in the doorway of the master bath and faces the bed, I can almost feel her looking at me. I am on my stomach and spread-eagled, and when she begins to towel off near her side of the bed, I leap out from my wonderful hiding place and ask her if she would like to fuck.
        Of course, this probably threw her for a loop. She explained that "this mommy loves" you, "this mommy" won't do that to you, and it starts to kinda piss me off. I want my penis to get some attention, and she is naked, and I am truly not sure what the hold-up is, but I know one thing: this woman doesn't love me. She is freaking out.
        I went to a pre-school not five miles away, while Dad (and Mom, part-time, some-times) worked at the bank.(He was some kind of vice-president, she was some kind of vice-presidents wife. Ok, that was a cheap shot, but it felt good.) Six or seven children tied me up, with a rope, while the teacher was inside the classroom one day, to a table, and touched me. To be fair, I might have volunteered.      9 minutes ago · Like
        J Quentin Evermann
        Someone may or may not have taken you in, but in a nanny-state, people EXPECT the government to do it, and take no responsibility. How can you not see that government is the problem? And you can't tell me you don't take the victim's attitud...See More
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        Soup McGee makes this up for fun. Yeahhhhhh, that's it. The state shoulda given me to the church. Yeahhhhh, that's it.
        8 minutes ago · Like
        J Quentin Evermann I'm sure you would have met a wonderful priest.
        7 minutes ago · Like
        Soup McGee is only not blocking your hateful awful inhumanity because I enjoy outing assholes. you get that, right?
        6 minutes ago · Like
        J Quentin Evermann Oh yeah, you did it, a fictional character showed him/me!
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        Soup McGee ‎,"...all that you stand for, you Naivist Randian MotherSunnaFucker."
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        J Quentin Evermann Well met, sir!
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        Soup McGee You know why you're the product of a rape? Because you weren't worth the cost of dinner it would have taken mommy to open her legs willingly. J Quentin Evermann
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You know why you're the product of a rape? Because you weren't worth the cost of dinner it would have taken mommy to open her legs willingly.

Government is inherently evil. Any thoughts?
· · · 4 hours ago

      4 hours ago ·

    • Mark Callahan I don't hate the founding fathers. What they did has happened only once in the history of mankind. What has become since then is bloated and insane.
      4 hours ago ·

    • Dana Curtis Kincaid I disagree. That's the monotheist philosophy which states that all people are evil - and since gummint is people, it must b evil. Why, I wonder, did u not say that Corporations are EVIIIIIIIL!?
      4 hours ago via mobile · · 2

    • Larry Grano Governments are social constructs and are the only thing that separates community from chaos. They don't have to be inherently evil.
      4 hours ago · · 2

    • Mark Callahan I said inherently because no matter how close to perfection a system of government is at inception, it will decay and crumble under the weight of hubris and corruption over time. When this happens, liberty is removed and replaced with tyranny.
      4 hours ago ·

    • J Quentin Evermann Government, by definition, is there to limit freedom. Rights are man's to have, Government's to take away...but faith in government is faith in that which holds us back. It is good in limited quantities, but when they take too much and overstep their legal boundaries (like in the past 40 years), it becomes evil.
      4 hours ago ·

    • Larry Grano Actually, a "right" is a human construct too. Something becomes a "right" when the govt. has a duty to enforce it. In nature, nothing has a right otherwise. A deer has no right not to be attacked and eaten by a lion, but a human has a right not to be killed by another human, or the police will prosecute the offender. Theoretically, the govt. grants rights.
      3 hours ago · · 1

    • Larry Grano Of course, what the size and scope of govt. should be is always open to debate.
      3 hours ago ·

    • Jason Forson I was kidding, by the way. :P I'm with Larry.

      The only real problem with Governments is that the give Power to people who want Power. Wanting Power is usually the surest sign you don't deserve any.

      3 hours ago · · 2

    • Soup McGee
      In Oklahoma, where fear of Islam has led to anti-Sharia laws, this message is very popular. There is currently a move in the Oklahoma State Legislature to remove the section of the State Constitution that separates Church and State. If you...See More

      3 hours ago ·

    • Soup McGee ‎,"Echo..."
      2 hours ago ·

    • J Quentin Evermann
      The fear of Sharia law is what has caused the move toward anti-Sharia. How can you condemn the Christian church on one hand for having too much influence, while on the other defending a church which IS government? Sharia? Do you really know...See More

      2 hours ago ·

    • Soup McGee If you were waiting for a state to secede—there you go. You support this statement of non-allegiance?
      2 hours ago ·

    • Soup McGee hopes you fucking answer.
      2 hours ago · · 1

    • Soup McGee
      ‎"Silly child." "church which IS government?" "Under God
      The United States Federal Government is in our day the greatest obstacle to self-government and "Liberty Under God." If you think your Congressman can create a federal program to move...See More

      2 hours ago · ·

    • Soup McGee If you were waiting for a state to secede—there you go. You support this statement of non-allegiance?
      about a minute ago · Like I will write echo in four minutes, numb-nuts.

      2 hours ago ·

    • Soup McGee If you were waiting for a state to secede—there you go. You support this statement of non-allegiance?
      about a minute ago · Like I will write echo in three minutes, numb-nuts.

      2 hours ago ·

    • J Quentin Evermann
      I'm not an Oklahoman, so it isn't my Constitution to change. I'm a Texan, and if we put forth a law to block Sharia in our courts, I would ABSOLUTELY support it, just as I would support any law that prescribes punishement based on Christia...See More

    • J Quentin Evermann ‎*would support any law that bans punishment based on Christianity...

    • Soup McGee loves you, neighbor. Secessionist traitorous, seeking to take legitimacy from our Union.

    • J Quentin Evermann my mistake. but in a nutshell, i don't support state sponsored punishment as prescribed in religious texts

    • Soup McGee There is currently a move in the Oklahoma State Legislature to remove the section of the State Constitution that separates Church and State. did you miss that part, numbnuts?

    • Soup McGee ‎"as a libertarian, you believe in non-action. Would you have watched my mother being raped and not acted? Should I as a Bastard rape child, have no state-sponsored welfare? Or the church alone should carry such responsibility...what about atheist bastards?Do you as my neighbor,bear no responsibility for my well being, or me for yours? IN OUR UNION, numbnuts?

    • J Quentin Evermann again, I'm not an Oklahoman. Separation of church and state is not something in the Constitution, it isn't law, it isn't written in any document of our is a principal written about during the period of the revolution, but it isn't law. Don't mistake the 1st amendment for this, it isn't. That prohibits the federal government from establishing a religion...but separation of the two, nope.

    • Soup McGee ‎"Defend you position of 'taxation by force' when Washington, George proposed and signed legislation placing America in debt to care for the "widow and invalid." Fucking nativists

    • J Quentin Evermann no, i bear no responsibility for the actions of others. Collective salvation is another way of saying "everybody dies." Some will fall behind while others succeed. Stop trying to create equality of outcome; if everybody had the same thing, everybody would have very little.
      about an hour ago · · 1

    • Soup McGee Oklahoma's constitutional separation of church and state measure ...
      5 days ago – Rep. Jason Nelson asked a House of Representatives committee Wednesday to approve sending the question to voters as a way to allow ...

    • Soup McGee
      SECTION II-5
      Public money or property - Use for sectarian purposes.
      No public money or property shall ever be appropriated, applied, donated, or used, directly or indirectly, for the use, benefit, or support of any sect, church, denominatio...See More
      <​!-- /* name the function so you have something you can call it with later ma...See More

      about an hour ago · · 1 ·

    • J Quentin Evermann What's your point? That's Oklahoma...they're a soverign state and free to do what they want.
      about an hour ago · · 1

    • Soup McGee ‎,"Wow. That is D. U. m. Bbbbb."

    • J Quentin Evermann So you support a federal government that tells everyone what to do, but not a state government that is still representative of the people?

    • Soup McGee wonders, do you pledge allegiance to the flag, J.Q.? Serious, direct question.

    • J Quentin Evermann I always have when presented with the opportunity, but honestly, outside of grade school, it isn't something I've done in a long while. In the Marine Corps, we saluted all standards not cased, but I don't recall ever saying the Pledge in uniform. Why do you ask?

    • Soup McGee
      couldn't tell. Nanette J Wheeler-Carter David, if your commander gave you an order to open fire on American protesters what would you do?
      20 minutes ago...See More

      about an hour ago · ·

    • Soup McGee
      David Robinson Nope. I would be used as a last resort, if you cause civil unrest or attempt to overthrow the government im obligated to preserve and uphold the lawfully elected government of this country..if you seek its over throw or attem...See More

    • Soup McGee
      wonders, JQ, are you a Sovereign Citizen? or a True Patriot? Sovereign citizen movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. ...See More
      What is Sovereign Citizenship? Sovereign Citizenship is the status held by our f...See More

      about an hour ago · ·

    • Soup McGee "Let me set the scene a bit. There is a senior attorney (my peer), (who does play the golf), who is a white male. There is a hispanic female atto...See More
      I’ve written a few different posts here, and I’ve finally joined to be a member....See More

      about an hour ago · ·

    • J Quentin Evermann
      A "soverign citizen", I've heard of the group, and I haven't researched it enough to say I do or don't support them. I do believe that government HAD a place when it worked within its legal limits, but from very early on men with thei...See More

    • Soup McGee first, "and apparantly both Jewish..." What part of Bastard Rape Child do you think I am making up?

    • J Quentin Evermann Oh, so you really do think the world owes you something? Get over it. Sorry, I thought I saw a ray of hope for you, but if you think you deserve more than that first breath and heartbeat, you're begging from the wrong man. I don't give handouts to beggars. If you want free money, go to your boy Obama and ask him, "Please sir, may I have some more?"
      57 minutes ago · · 1

    • Soup McGee wow. fuck you fucking Nativisy fucker. go live in a country that allows you to believe that while you type on government-built, government regulated, government sponsored phone lines. you fucking ignorant child. This is it! only this country by regulating contracts, can provide equitable redress. fucking asshole.

    • Soup McGee aint asking for shit, i pay my bills, I go to school, i keep an open mind, I bust my ass I raise my child, I fed my family fuck you.

    • Soup McGee is merely pointing out the fact that George Washington put america into debt to foreign interests to pay for widows and invalids, you treasonous heartless sonnssabitch

    • Soup McGee pays into the tax system that allows you to voice your treasonous belief, numbuts.

    • Soup McGee sees talking to someone walking and chewing gum who happens to be libertarian is a waste of time...

    • Soup McGee breathes today because of tax dollars. Without those tax dollars, I am not alive. With more tax dollars, I witness less rapes in group homes. FUUUUUUCK YOU!

    • J Quentin Evermann
      I live in a country that allows me to believe "that." What is so fucking wrong with you that you honestly believe you're entitled to anything? You have the right to be alive, but not to demand that I, or anyone else, keep you that way. You ...See More
      • J Quentin Evermann
        I live in a country that allows me to believe "that." What is so fucking wrong with you that you honestly believe you're entitled to anything? You have the right to be alive, but not to demand that I, or anyone else, keep you that way. You want control over me, and that is what I oppose. I say, "hands off, let people live their lives." You, on the other hand, want a government that controls everything because you realize you don't have what it takes to do anything more than exist. YOU DON'T DESERVE ONE FUCKING PENNY OF MY MONEY. You aren't owed a fucking thing. You and your leech buddies who always have a hand out and want more never stop to think where it comes from...just take take take. Guess what? We're out of fucking money. The government isn't here to take care of you, or hold your hand or whipe your ass. You want to impose your will on others and that is as wrong as rape. You know why you're the product of a rape? Because you weren't worth the cost of dinner it would have taken mommy to open her legs willingly.
        25 minutes ago · · 1

      12 minutes ago · · 1

    • Dede Brand it is called humanity

    • J Quentin Evermann Well, glad to see we all have a sense of humor. Good arguing with you dude...gets the blood pumping. In all seriousness though, country is coming to an end because government is too big, too expensive and too inefficient. And when it ends, it won't matter what side of the aisle you're on, only what side of the rifle you're on.