Monday, February 20, 2012

Secession is Cowardice--Taxation is the Responsibility of the Governed--Advocating for Zero Tax is Advocating For the Abolition Of Government--Got It?

In “Vote on Syria resolution,” from ChinaDaily, an expert named Moustapha Saphariny of the Arab Center asserts the no vote from China on a UN General Assembly measure Thursday (on a resolution calling for the appointment of a UN Special envoy to the region) is a responsible move showing no partiality to either side. To this outsider, it looks like a delay tactic to allow for allies to move around and further position themselves for the coming global economic cold war, not an attempt to maintain peace and security. Saphariny is especially concerned with getting the message out that this is a “diplomatic accomplishment for China,” and this no vote is one more positive multiplier when it comes to Chinese/Arab relations, not a net negative. That got me to thinking…
                In the text, there is a good rundown on the recent history of currency manipulation by the Chinese government (Chapter nine, page 253). The pull quote from there, in relation to this story I’d like to focus on is, “It appeared that China was doing just enough to avoid a strong reaction from the United States.” This is apparently a pattern more experienced observers have noticed frequently, and into that category I put the Veto and the No vote.
We need China for a trading partner, and not only because they buy our debt and finance our wars. As Ferguson points out in “A World Without Power,” the world hates a long-term hyperpower. But the United States is a failing superpower, not a hyperpower, and not alone in that position, you say? Well, wait until we use the Federal Reserve to forgive our own debts. How important will the legitimacy of our President and the illegitimacy of certain other world leaders seem then? After all, the Fed is a Constitutionally Vetted Authority, with the power to create and buy back as much money as America’s security might require. As we saw when the Confederate Congress tried to force a default last fall, our fiat American dollar (No, Congressman Paul, NOT based on the Gold Standard), even when devalued and compared to the Euro  and the Yuan, was the place investors ran to as soon as the price dropped. I think no-one believes the US government will do nothing in the way of stimulus ever again. Though some (like Paul) want to see a world without regulation, it is our fiat money, standing as representative of the Honor our soldiers bleed worldwide to uphold, that proves regulation is the most basic necessity of any governing body, followed closely by responsible redistribution of resources. Even in a free (let’s call it ‘less commanded’) market, we see that the Gold Standard would prevent such power. Why would Big Business and Corrupt Governing Bodies be interested in “A World Without Power?” In a world without a superpower (to enforce and uphold legitimacy of Ours and Intl. solutions), only big business and corrupt government can survive.As we see now, many of the world's largest firms are seeing record profits, and the Dow is approaching 13,000.
A basic principle of macroeconomics is this simple fact: small economies grow at a faster rate than large one. Sooner or later, big absorbs little, though. No single government can control a market this large—an organization like the World Bank will gain more influence as the global market matures, grows and becomes unstable, in faster and longer cycles, America will—MUST—sacrifice some autonomy and spend to create a demand for the dollar. This will in turn strengthen the other currencies in the basket (one place trickle-down seems to work—I like how Jose Ocampo described the “trickling uphill” of wealth under globalization, and if my notes are right, especially in a deregulated society).
While many with influence push for less regulation, a simple reality proven over long cycles remains:  some governments must govern, as the governed demand action—and we better get Congress on track and acting in support of our President, because sooner or later, Iran’s going to get their bomb. China and Russia and a host of lesser competitors stand ready to assure this. If we are to remain dominant, we need a stronger economy based on new technology and less on consumption, better and improved infrastructure, further green energy exploration and (in case that wasn’t too much to ask for) a massive spending program to cover domestic needs immediately. How? Who knows? It isn’t impossible. But (as mentioned in World w/o) how long can we be dependent on lending from outside? This never lasts, powers that rely on mainly credit. How long can we maintain strength with an all-volunteer military? There is not a very high chance, I submit, of the draft going over even half as well as it did during and after the Second World War (until 1973). And I was going to mention America’s bi-polar tendency towards attention deficit, but Housewives of Ex Mobsters in Idaho is on. Shake my head.
China finding or funding an army is the least of their problems –not to mention their dependence on our debt and trade- and China has little or no credibility given their human rights record and unmatched corruption. Simply put, China and Russia and their allies don’t have our Federal Reserve system. How will we maintain the legitimacy of the dollar after telling our creditors to shove it? Easy. Well. It’s the Brand America people buy.We keep selling them our culture, and they keep buying. And moving here, too, that mysterious “they.” Looooong cycles. We will always end up being the other; that’s part of the American Exceptionalist argument, too. Declinists like to forget that. Now,  a word on the declinists:
Americans for Tax Reform was created as Fairness for Families at the request of President Reagan, to help pass the Tax Reform Act of 1986. As such, I suggest the current President merely request the immediate cessation of all group activities and insist firmly on the immediate and complete transparency of the group’s funding since inception. This ought to bring to light America’s real enemies, and free our economy to roar as it should/could. If only revenue was an option, America would quickly regain her full strength. If this was to happen, China would worry for sure about whether taking this President head on was a choice they wanted to make. Imagine the punditry bees nest!If you feel the government is taxing your income by force, feel free to get the $%^ out. Coward. Free trade is NOT unregulated trade--@Duh.
                As voters and students and citizens, we should stand in the way of all who prevent reasonable solutions to our present problems. Only with populist pressure can a leader act, at least in today’s body politic. I would hope to see the calls for Gover and Co. to cease and desist under penalty of law increase as the intent of the group and those who provide its financial might becomes clear to more and more truly responsible people---war with Iran as proxy for Israel, regardless of the cost in life or treasure, or the risk that Iran might have Russia, Syria, Lebanon, China, and a host of other countries (including perhaps, Venezuela) in their pocket. We may not see the end of the current economic blockade (sanctions, games around and between sanctions) that has everyone drifting around (waiting to see what Israel will do, wondering how bad the bloodshed in Syria will become, and if there remains World Power with the Power to influence a peaceful transition, not just in Syria and Libya, but out of the Global Recession and the approaching Cold War) until summertime, or even fall. Everything is politics, all politics are local. Short of an unavoidable moment, a spur like Pearl Harbor, Israel acting independently toward Iran, or Chinese valuation of the Yuan suddenly to the approval of the US —hold on tight to your paycheck if you have one—we’re going to be in this hole for a while. 

Article Analysis Assignment

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