Sunday, February 26, 2012

For Annie Ann E. Fox E. Foxerton...New and Old Notes and Perusings, Given Your Birthday...Y

it has only been happening since i got old so i cannot blame you
this breaking down of spirit of thinking doubt is the enemy of faith
it is not neither your fault or and nor
i will not give this up now
this is life
this is war--
long though it may have been since i first remembered this is a dream
(i did not know this was a dream paid for by blood and sweat
but a dream all the same)
this has only been happening as i grow to hate my body
no that's not right-
abhor my body
I have always known it will be my body to betray me, to give out
like every temple, to crumble and rise as dust eventually
windswept to the heavens
outlining the figures
and this is the vision:
of following my body as it is buried overhead of
the floating i have had while falling out before
while walking awake before:
i Know of a peace to follow
i have a love to guide me
i feel an ongoing connection and it is coming from 

I wondered and I asked
I wandered and watched the fire rage.
I sought only the cruelest hearts and the
coldest winters.
In deference to time, I ate my own and then,
of the others
frustration, our very
fear, and gratitude
to stoke my own scar-worn furnace.
All remain hungry for truth and justice and the American way.
Sitting here now I know every last house will be razed,
razed to the ground, I say, no foundation found.
I, shelter-less and poor no more, accept that as some choice someone made.
I must have condoned it along the way.

Senate Democrats Threaten To Shut Down Government
Moments ago, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid threatened to shut down the government rather than consider a bill that would fund our troops for the remainder of the year and keep government operating.
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Soup McGee doesn't need your "word" for is a video, where Norquist in his own words, called for this to happen-on November 18, 2010-: a Californian in Matui's district, I am concerned that your Pledge is usurping your oath... -----
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I am sane enough to realize
 most of the things I worry about
(am worrying about)
are not happening
(but they could)
but I keep on worrying
and it's becoming a pattern.
I avoid being bitter, (collision with reality)
I am a proud partisan,  (instigate evolution) and
at times,
incapable of being better
than my enemy.
I need to better allow my enemy to be capable of
being better.
If you do not, you are not. Etc.

Worry, like stereotypes,
hold a deserved place creating innuendo towards
every error of our ways.

Weakest link, stronger chain/ Free when all are Free/
Act now/somehow/ before you are/
one of the ones for whom they came.

If we were a lobbying group, glad to have the parties all together for even five minutes?...The first second a congressmen gets elected, they worry about their second term. Thinking on it, I come to this fork in the road, and thus must take it: when the little man comes up telling pedestrians to walk, so do the spikes as the line under the parking lot, spikes like we see in parking garages. Meanwhile, thirty yards (?) back, when the light is five (?) seconds from turning yellow, a (new) style of sign that works with and is sold in conjunction with the spikes and the software that runs it, sold by our parent company from it's headquarters in the sweet lil tax haven of Switzerland, gives ample warning through sound and symbol (yellow circle with bloody spike), complete with clock and flashing ultra-violet lights. We are pushing the Mae Bell Simmons Died For Your Children Act of 2012. She was a crossing guard working her 9 millioninth day in a row when tragedy struck. Voters say not to let it happen again.\

Why Obama might hide his original birth certificate Mr. Trummp.
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Years ago, when a child was born to unwed parents the word 'bastard' was written on the child's birth certificate. They don't do that anymore. It is possible Obama's mother was not considered legally married because his father had a legal wife in another country. Under his religion he could have more than one wife, but that was not legal in the USA so perhaps O just does not want to share his birth certificate because it might have the word bastard on it. I don't blame him.
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Even if the word ( bastard ) was on his brith certificate he was still born a natural citizen of the U.S.and that make's him eligible for the office of president.
on Tuesday · Report
Hey at least he wasn't inbred
on Tuesday · Report
jeanne c. wolf is a freakin dumbass. probably some dumbass hillbilly redneck bitch.that cant get her facts correct.jeanne c wolf was probaly in bred or some one screwing gorilas.a product of beastiality.
on Friday · Report
Paul...maybe the definition for bastard should be change into offspring that are a result of inbreeding ...lmao...good one though !!! XD
on Friday · Report
Paul, I hope you don't use that language when you are teaching our kids in school. As a history teacher you should be able to research what I wrote. It is historically true.
17 hours ago · Report
William Silvers you need to go back to school my friend....OBAMA is not a natural born citizen of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. All tho he made have produced a birth certificate stating he is a citizen he is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and thier fore not entitle to run for PRESIDENT of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

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is a bastard. And while Mom was a whore, your momma is why her job is necessary. What is your point, Racist Nativist Idiot, black-hearted bitch? Jeanne C(is for "I love my cuntry") Wolf...only in America is she free to spout this shit out her head-anus...Only in America where even though I disagree I support her free speech right to be such a nasty gob of bukkake-loogi. Also, empirical evidence rules the day! and finally I'm on to you, Sovereign Patriots.
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http:/ / birth.jpg

Jeanne C. Wolf, you are a racist, and a stupid one at that. If you are smart enough figure out how to piece together the URL (which I highly doubt), you'll see a copy of his birth certificate. All you have to do is search for it in Google.

Robert, in any state of the union, you will not be issued a birth certificate/certificate of live birth (the same damn thing) if you aren't born there. Last time I checked, Hawaii became a state in 1959 - two years before Obama was born there. He is, therefore, a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

I am so tired of the ridiculousness of all of you racists. Just admit you can't stomach the idea of a black president so we all know what your REAL problem is.
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Topic: This is not hard to believe, is it?
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Soup McGee
about a month ago
Allan Bartlett
all this in florida? damn.
about a month ago · Report
Jeanne C. Wolf
This about sums it up:
Two Mexicans boarded a flight out of Tucson . One took a window seat and the other sat next to him in the middle seat... Just before takeoff, a legal American sat down in the aisle seat. After takeoff, the American kicked his shoes off, wiggled his toes and was settling in when the Mexican in the window seat said, 'I need to get up and get a coke.' 'Don't get up,' said the American, 'I'm in the aisle seat, 'I'll get it for you.'

As soon as he left, one of the Mexicans picked up the Marine's shoe and peed in it. When the American returned with the coke, the other Mexican said, 'That looks good, I'd really like one, too.' Again, the American obligingly went to fetch it. While he was gone the other Mexican picked up the Americans other shoe and peed in it. When the American returned, they all sat back and enjoyed the flight.

As the plane was landing, the American slipped his feet into his shoes and knew immediately what had happened. He leaned over and asked his Mexican neighbors... 'Why does it have to be this way?' 'How long must this go on? This fighting between our people? This hatred? This animosity? This peeing in shoes and pissing in cokes?'

24 minutes ago · Report
Soup McGee
cannot believe you. Wow. You must be a horrible, hateful, injured person...otherwise, seeing as how you have never presented in any discussion I have attempted here any evidence to support your wacko beliefs- I am unable to rationalize your inability to empathize. WITH ANYTHING, apparently! Wow.

Today?!??! Today you reply to this post?!?!? And with that made up joke of Bull Puckey?!?!? Screw you, lady. Seek help. Cirrusly. You have more problems than most crackheads I've met. How dare you. Not a question.
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Soup McGee
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Soup McGee
dares you to click. DARES YOU!!!!
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Jeanne C. Wolf
Illegal Aliens Drive Another Hospital To Closure : Diggers Realm
Aug 23, 2004 ... "This is definitely cause for alarm," Carol Meyer, director of the Los .... who do you think has to pay to reimburse closing hospitals? ... - Cached - Similar

Illegal aliens threaten
U.S. medical system
Mar 13, 2005 ... According to her study, 84 California hospitals are closing their doors as a direct result of the rising number of illegal aliens and their ... - Cached
L.A. Emergency Rooms Full of Illegal Immigrants - Politics ...
Mar 18, 2005 ... "The hospitals are closing because of the totality of the ... cannot afford to have a open-door policy to encourage illegals to continue to ...,2933,150750,00.html - Cached - Similar
FAIR: Illegal Immigration and Public Health
... and caused hospital bankruptcies: 84 California hospitals are closing their ... For example, utilization rate of hospitals and clinics by illegal aliens ...
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Soup McGee
meets crackheads a plenty, mainly while scoring for your grandma. Just wanted to get that outta the way.
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Soup McGee
Details are leaking out about Jared Lee Loughner, the accused shooter in yesterday's assassination attempt/massacre in Tucson, Arizona. Loughner apparently has ties to a white-supremacist hate group:

Jared Lee Loughner, the alleged shooter of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others on Saturday, may have ties to anti-Semitic, anti-immigration hate group American Renaissance, according to a leaked memo from the Department of Homeland Security.

It's unclear whether Loughner maintains a direct connection to the group, however, "strong suspicion is being directed" at American Renaissance in the wake of the group being referenced in Loughner's Myspace and YouTube videos, according to the memo, which was obtained by Fox News.

American Renaissance is a white nationalist group that operates under a pseudo think tank called the New Century Foundation. The group runs a magazine and conferences based on eugenics and the superiority of whites, according to Southern Poverty Law Center.-----------------

You still have not repudiated the original point I made in beginning this discussion....Do you, Perhaps, see white nationalism as an appropriate response to the "invasion of America by Mexico?"
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Soup McGee
repeats, -

You still have not repudiated the original point I made in beginning this discussion....Do you, perhaps, see white nationalism as an appropriate response to the "invasion of America by Mexico?

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Soup McGee

"GOP immigration meeting featured radical right groups with white supremacist ties
By Scot Kersgaard | 11.30.10 | 6:42 am

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Republican legislators Monday hosted an informational meeting to discuss immigration in Colorado, but the Colorado Independent has learned two of the presenters invited to speak were from organizations founded by white supremacist John Tanton. One of those organizations, The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), has been named a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

In addition to FAIR, The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) — which also presented at the meeting — was founded by Tanton.

Jack Martin of the Federation for American Immigration Reform addresses legislators (Photo: Kersgaard)

Tanton has argued that for U.S. culture to survive, the country must maintain a clear white majority. The SPLC refers to him as the “racist architect of the modern anti-immigrant movement.”

“My contact with both those organizations can be boiled down to what we heard today,” the meeting’s host, state Sen. Kevin Lundberg, R-Berthoud, said after the meeting. “I was quite impressed with both those people, (Jessica Vaughn with CIS and Jack Martin with FAIR). I thought they had their facts before them and that they presented good information.

“If you’re trying to say they have an agenda, well, I don’t know about that, but I do know the Southern Poverty Law Center has an agenda that I have never been impressed with,” Lundberg added.

FAIR has received more than $1 million from The Pioneer Fund, which promotes the genetic superiority of white people.

Monday’s meeting was hosted by the Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC). Legislators heard from eight people, representing several anti-illegal immigration groups and including two business people who told the committee that not hiring illegal immigrants puts them at a competitive disadvantage in the market.

Lundberg, chairman of the RSCC, also chaired the meeting, held at the State Capitol. “The objective for today is to put as many facts on the table as we can,” he said.

He said he was happy with the meeting. “It accomplished what I said it would. It helped us explore a little more deeply the effects of illegal immigration in Colorado. It showed us that the economy in Colorado is affected by the extra load of illegal job seekers,” Lundberg said.

“What part of illegal do we not understand?” he asked.

Even given that the playing field seemed a little slanted, there were some surprises.

Vaughn, director of policy studies at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies, told the panel that illegal immigration was decreasing. She said that immigration — legal and illegal — was at record levels in both the 1990s and the 2000s, but that it has slowed down. Coupled with the slowdown, she said was the fact that illegal immigrants have been leaving Colorado at a higher rate recently than in the past.

Nationally, she said illegal immigration has fallen by about 10 percent recently.

The CIS website has this to say about the immigration debate: “Many of us at the Center are animated by a ‘low-immigration, pro-immigrant’ vision of an America that admits fewer immigrants but affords a warmer welcome for those who are admitted.”

She said there have been about 13 million legal immigrants to the U.S. in the last decade and about the same number of illegal immigrants. She said this has occurred while our economy has produced just one million new jobs in the 2000s. “This is in contrast to the 1990s when we experienced similar number of immigrants but we created 21 million new jobs. This tells us immigration does not self-regulate through economic cycles. It continues regardless of the economy. The reason we have this much immigration is because of our policies,” she said.

“Obviously, the United States has a very generous immigration policy,” she said. “What we are experiencing now is not a surge but a continuation of a steady uphill trend that started in the 1940s. We are in the midst of a vast social experiment.”

She said illegal immigrants account for about 10 percent of the country’s population gain in any given recent year.

In Colorado, she said there were about 449,000 immigrant to Colorado in 2000 and about 435,000 immigrants to the state in 2007, the last year for which good numbers were available. Today, she said, there are about 170,000 illegal immigrants in the state.

While the Southern Poverty Law Center does not list CIS as a hate group, it does offer a withering view of its scholarship, saying the group is dedicated to eliminating most immigration.

Martin, from FAIR, said his group worked with Arizona legislators in crafting their landmark anti-immigration legislation (SB 1070) and that they are prepared to help Colorado as well. “We stand ready to work with legislators anywhere such legislation is contemplated,” he said.

He said illegal immigration costs Colorado about $1.5 billion a year, mostly to educate the children of undocumented residents.

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa talked about the importance of the Secure Communities program, which allows law enforcement agencies to more easily share information. He said Colorado agencies cannot participate until Gov. Bill Ritter authorizes their participation, which has not happened yet.

Not all law enforcement agencies are excited about the program, Here, the Pueblo County Sheriff explains his issues to The Pueblo Chieftain:

Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor said he is ambivalent about participating in the program.

When local law enforcement learns in the course of an investigation that someone is in the country illegally, that information is reported to the state and is available to ICE, he said. “I don’t see how Secure Communities is so different from what we’re doing now.”

An argument against participation, Kirk said, is that the program places additional costs on counties and municipalities for housing inmates beyond their normal stays in jail.

“Unfunded mandates are what the federal government is infamous for,” he said. “I’m opposed to any unfunded mandate that lands on the taxpayers of Pueblo County. Anything that deals with the population of our jail that is outside of our control, I’m philosophically opposed to.”

Ritter has asked for things that, so far, he has not gotten, again from The Chieftain:

“Gov.-elect Hickenlooper has said all along throughout the campaign that he supports Secure Communities,” spokesman Eric Brown said. But if the decision to join stretches into the Hickenlooper administration, the work and consideration that Ritter put into modifications will not be ignored, Brown said.

“I can’t imagine us starting over completely,” he said. “We’ll wait and see how things shake out between Gov. Ritter’s administration and ICE.”

9News reported Monday that there is some disagreement among Republicans about how to address immigration at the legislative level:

Sen. Ted Harvey, R-Highlands Ranch, plans to propose a different law that would also target illegal immigrants.

“We aren’t doing anything to solve the problem at the federal level or at the state level,” Harvey said.

He plans to carry a measure requiring all Colorado companies to use a free federal computer program called E-verify that checks Social Security numbers against job applicants.

“Every time we try to do something, the initiatives, the efforts are killed by Republicans and Democrats alike. We’re not taking this issue seriously and it’s continuing to impact our state budget and our economy,” Harvey said.

The Colorado Independent reported last week that state Sen. Kent Lambert, R-Colorado Springs, plans to introduce an Arizona-style bill early in the session."

And so I repeat-

You still have not repudiated the original point I made in beginning this discussion....Do you, perhaps, see white nationalism as an appropriate response to the "invasion of America by Mexico?

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Soup McGee

Bet you believe this bull puckey too. You suck.
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about 3 months ago
is still waiting for an answer to the question. I know, I know, there is no good answer. I will be waiting a while.
about 3 months ago · Delete Post

This is worth a whole new Discussion! With myself, for your reading pleasure, because no-one here who supports the Righties will ever debate me on facts!
about 3 months ago · Delete Post
Soup This is just plain wrong the way you are singling out one person and calling them a racist . I might not like all of her post and say so but to attack her like this is uncalled for. Anybody has a right to their opinion and to voice their views without personal attacks being aimed at them. And i am sure her community is not affected by her views and opinions .
about 3 months ago · Report
has only this to say:
Jeanne C. Wolf
This about sums it up:
Two Mexicans boarded a flight out of Tucson . One took a window seat and the other sat next to him in the middle seat... Just before takeoff, a legal American sat down in the aisle seat. After takeoff, the American kicked his shoes off, wiggled his toes and was settling in when the Mexican in the window seat said, 'I need to get up and get a coke.' 'Don't get up,' said the American, 'I'm in the aisle seat, 'I'll get it for you.'

As soon as he left, one of the Mexicans picked up the Marine's shoe and peed in it. When the American returned with the coke, the other Mexican said, 'That looks good, I'd really like one, too.' Again, the American obligingly went to fetch it. While he was gone the other Mexican picked up the Americans other shoe and peed in it. When the American returned, they all sat back and enjoyed the flight.

As the plane was landing, the American slipped his feet into his shoes and knew immediately what had happened. He leaned over and asked his Mexican neighbors... 'Why does it have to be this way?' 'How long must this go on? This fighting between our people? This hatred? This animosity? This peeing in shoes and pissing in cokes?'

24 minutes ago · Report

That is made up racist bigotry.
about 3 months ago · Delete Post
reads..."And i am sure her community is not affected by her views and opinions ." and I nearly spit my coke out all over my keyboard. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?
about 3 months ago · Delete Post
has this for you as proof you are standing up for a racist bigot instead of calling out the racist bigots around you for their hateful, consequential rhetoric:

Political invective bleeds into inflammatory hate speech
Sydney Morning Herald - Joe Sharkey - 12 hours ago
''This is just my small way of saying we need a heads-up about the real consequences of hate,'' Ms Thompson said. Miss Giffords's shooting set off what is ...
Turn down the hate speech
Seattle Times - Joni Balter - 10 hours ago
Listen to the press conference by the sheriff in Pima County, Clarence Dupnik, who said Arizona has become a mecca for anger and hate speech. ...
AZ Congresswoman Giffords shooting update: hate speech blamed
HULIQ - Paula Duffy - Jan 8, 2011
... programs when he said: " Inflaming the American public by those who get paid to do that. It might be free speech but it does not come without consequences."
Arizona shooting: 'Does she have any enemies?' 'Yeah. The whole Tea Party'
The Guardian - 4 hours ago
To the right, another sign said: "Hate speech = murder". But Wellman went further with his angry declaration in large black letters on white cardboard: ...
Arizona gun laws come under scrutiny
Financial Times - Matthew Garrahan - 4 hours ago
“Hate speech = murder,” was the message on more than one sign, a reference to the increasingly bitter rhetoric that has become a central part of American ...
Giffords warned heated rhetoric could have 'consequences'
The Hill (blog) - Peter Schroeder - Jan 8, 2011
As far as hateful speech by a leader, it was Obama who said `we will reward our friends and punish our enemies', and who said 'if the Republicans bring a ...
Hold Palin accountable for hate speech - Jan 8, 2011
I add my thoughts and prayers to the outpouring of sympathy for the families of those who lost their lives and for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' family now ...
Ariz. tea party activists voice shock at shooting
Washington Post - Sandhya Somashekhar - Jan 8, 2011
All choices have consequence and when we cast stones as words and images activating hate and divisiveness in others, we practice everything but the ...
FBI director: Shooter's target was Giffords
USA Today - 7 hours ago
Update at 1:17 pm ET: "The ubiquitous nature of the Internet means ... hateful speech more readily available than 10-15 years ago. ...
Shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and Death of Others: Violence Has No Place ...
OpEdNews - Kevin Gosztola - 7 hours ago
The GOP has consciously been using hate speech to win votes and move citizens to act in a manner that can serve their interests. They are experts at waging ...
Federal charges could carry death penalty
Politico - Alexander Burns, Matt Negrin - 9 hours ago
Mueller declined to comment on Loughner's possible motives, but added: “The ubiquitous nature of the Internet means that hate speech and other inciteful ...
The Gabrielle Giffords shooting (liveblog)
Salon - Ethan Sherwood Strauss - 22 hours ago
Results of right wing threatening, hate speech, and demonization of liberals rears it's ugly head again. How soon before Eric Cantor or another Repub claims ...
“We need to do a little soul searching”
Twin Cities Planet (blog) - Mary Turck - Jan 8, 2011
Or someone whose craziness was channeled and directed by the hate speech that permeates what passes for public discourse today? Sarah Palin listed Gifford ...
Palin Staffer: Giffords Attack Nothing to Do With Ex-Gov
CBS News - Stephanie Condon - 5 hours ago
But, the fact that speech like the "charged rhetoric" we are discussing DOES have consequences will not be negated by this obviously, mentally ill young ...
Sheriff Dupnik's criticism of political 'vitriol' resonates with public
Washington Post - Sandhya Somashekhar - 11 hours ago
Obama and the leftists need to answer for their vicious hate speech. Sheriff Dipstick is big into local Democrat politics and has exceeded his budget for ...
KOLD News 13Transcript of FBI, Sheriffs conference on Giffords shooting
KOLD-TV - 5 hours ago
... internet means not only threats, but hate speech and other inciteful speech.. that absolutely presents in a challenge for us,... loan offenders attacks. ...
Mueller: Loughner Will Be Charged in Shooting
Roll Call (subscription) - John Stanton - 7 hours ago
... the ubiquitous nature of the Internet means that not only threats but hate speech and other inciteful speech is much more readily available to ...
National tragedy: The shooting of Gabrielle Giffords
Washington Post - Jonathan Capehart - Jan 8, 2011
... when the people they ehip up with their theofascist hate speech murder people, they step back, raise their hands, and say "woah! we didn't kill anybody. ...
Suspect charged with attempted assassination of Giffords
Reuters - Rick Wilking - 1 hour ago
But Mueller said "hate speech and other inciteful speech" presented a challenge to law enforcement officials, especially when it resulted in "lone wolves" ...
Nothing Justifies Extremist Rhetoric or Violent Threats - J.E. Robertson - 10 hours ago
So let's say it clearly and resoundingly, and let's all say it defiantly, together: THERE IS NO CIRCUMSTANCE IN WHICH VITRIOLIC DISTORTIONS OR HATE-SPEECH ...
Remarkable signs of life in shot Congresswoman
Independent - David Usborne, Guy Adams - 1 hour ago
At a candelit vigil outside Ms Giffords's office, well-wishers carried placards with slogans such as "hate speech equals murder", calling for an end to the ...
Thinking about Gaby Giffords
San Francisco Chronicle (blog) - 19 hours ago
Still, even in my small role as a school board member (hardly as public as a member of Congress), I have been subjected to hateful speech. ...
"Can someone tell me why Sarah Palin is not in Jail?"
Wizbang (blog) - 9 hours ago
She and others with their hate speech. Words and symbols have consequences. I wonder if this Religious Leftist would hold Barack Hussein Obama to the same ...
Second man cleared of involvement in Tucson shooting (Updated)
Washington Post - Emi Kolawole - 4 hours ago
Is that hate speech? The leftist clowns would like it to be. But just go look at their web site. Bernie Sanders D-Vermont does NOT deny that he is a ...
Shooting in Arizona – Your Thoughts, Questions?
On Point Radio - John Wihbey - Jan 8, 2011
I stated that the Rwanda type of hate speech was happening here and that it would lead to violence…just as it does everywhere there are ignorant and ...
Congresswoman shot doing her job
Las Vegas Review-Journal (blog) - Sherman Frederick - Jan 8, 2011
08, 2011 at 9:38 PM -- Report abuse The RJ has lead the way in right-wing media hate speech against certain elected officials, particularly Harry Reid, ...
Shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and the limits of free speech
UK Human Rights Blog (blog) - Adam Wagner - 12 hours ago
And free speech protections are fairly strong here even in light of the rarely used hate speech powers: the UK has been criticised for the spread of radical ...
CPUSA condemns Arizona shootings, incitement
People's World - 1 hour ago
Political hate speech has consequences. Giffords herself said, "Palin has crosshairs on our district; people have to realize there are consequences to that. ...
Shooting sparks left-right blog battle over motive, rhetoric
The Hill (blog) - Shane D'Aprile - 7 hours ago
It is time that the MoveOn and DailyKos types be called to account for their hate speech and irresponsibilit y. BY Dave from Missouri on 01/09/2011 at 13:52 ...
Pima County Sheriff Sets Off Debate on Price of Free Speech
Fox News - 6 hours ago
FBI Director Robert Mueller said in a Sunday press conference that the "ubiquitous nature of the Internet" has made hateful information "much more readily ...
about 3 months ago · Delete Post
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about 3 months ago
Sean How would you know if i was a ( hidden racist ) ?Show me a post of mine that could prove your idiotic statement. Both you and soupy are calling her a racist when you both have a dislike for white people thats like the pot calling the kettle black. Soup explain to me just how Wolf is having a impact on her community do you think she is out making speechs and recruiting people to hate hispanics or what?why don't you stop all the cutting and pasting and get into a discussion.I just want to ask both of you do you two think your going to change anyones opinions or views ? I don't think so just like i don't think anyone is going to change yours.
about 3 months ago · Report
·  Post Deleted
about 3 months ago
Sean I am not saying she is not a racist. And i still say this discussion is not right if you got a problem with her do it on a post she puts up how would you like it if she put up one that said Sean MagicJuan is a racist and a homophobia lets discuss him.If soup is white makes no difference just like you saying your not a racist because you have white friends.
about 3 months ago · Report
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Soup McGee is getting good at math...lessee, one plus one equals two, two plus one equals don't you effing try it, Tea Party! If you force a gvt shutdown and run your lil coup, wheeze finna meet!
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Soup McGee wonders when you will answer this straight question then: Are the Sovereign Patriots a legal organization under the Constitution, or not? Please, explain YOUR opinion. I wold love to know.
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Soup McGee is all aloon now.
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·         Soup McGee ‎?!?!?!?
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·         Soup McGee is asking a straight question....don't get wingnutty on me, I have my own story, bucko...answer a straight question: Sovereign Citizens, Constitutional, or not, and why?
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ECHO!!!!!!!!!!Bottom of Form
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 anyways, Happy Birthday, Ann!

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