Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good Ole Days --- I Remember Working, Vaguely...

Daily Description Of Responsiblities At Yes, I Prolly Called You Telemarketing

Position:   Fundraiser

(not necessarily in order of importance)
1. Code each Call correctly upon completion.

]2. Stay conversational in greeting, tone, and pitch.

3. Give daily updated information (researched by me) about party, and importance of potential donor being involved, as they often have been before,
even if they don't want to be involved and don't have any money, and

4. Meet and sustain daily and hourly quotas (which I didn't have a whole lot of trouble doing until the economy went bust).

5. Make about well, lets see, roughly 70 calls an hour, give or take bad hours or rush hours, six to eight hours a day, which leads to

6. Developing lists of donors, including developing their attitudes by providing information described in 3, to the tune of five to six-hundred calls every day. Maybe 200-250 contacts. And maybe on the good days, a third will gve a bit.

7. Get Al Franken seated (so you can have the Health Care Plan the President promised he would sign into law, the one where the insurance companies don't make
the medical decisions, you and your doctor do, and if it is going to be prohibitively expensive, they, the doctors, will have to give you the care that you need, much like you
go to the emergency room knowing that even if it turns out to not be an emergency they, the doctors there, will give you the care that you need. And it turns out to cost
$75 for a Vicodin. Shouldn't you be able to just go to your doctor? Shouldn't there be the same standard of assumed need for all patients? Well, Al Franken knows that's why you are the progressive voter you are, and no-one's saying that anyone knows how to spend your money better than you do. I'm only here to ask if you want to support the morals and values we share by making an affordable donation, and by affordable I mean only what you might feel comfortable giving, and while federal law protects you because after all I called you, if you want to put any amount at all on a)

8. Process donations by verifying billing information and occasionally by credit cards.

9. And I helped Barack Obama get elected by working in connection with the Democratic National Committee (they will deny this of course).

a. Vietnam Veterans Of California.
b. League of Conservation Voters
c. Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
d. League of Women Voters.
f. Democrats for America's Future (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.)
g. Arizona Democratic Party
h. California Democratic Party
i. Mark Udall's Successful campaign for Senate of Colorado.
j. Colorado Democratic Party
k. Nevada Democratic Party
l. Ohio Democratic Party
m. Rick Noriega's un-sucessful campaign for Senate in Texas, losing to John Cornyn. Fuck you, John Cornyn.
n. Washington State Democratic Party
o. California NOW
p. Massachusetts NOW
q. Emily's List
r. Democratic Senatorial Campaign Comittee
s. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
t.American Civil Liberties Union
u. Amnesty International
v. Barbara Boxer's Campaign for Senate (2010)
w. Terry McCaliffe for Governor of Virginia (2010)
x. Maryland Democratic Party
y. Massachusetts Democratic Party
z. Montana Democratic Party (yes, they have one, and if you s p e a k  v e r y  s l o w ly and say Max Baucus' name right, they just might give you money. But not with a debit or credit card.

and Christine Gregoire's successful campaign to be re-elected as governor of Washington State. Other assorted charities and generally progressive causes.
Dina Titus.
Frank Kratovil.
NewYorkCares 20th Annual Coat Drive.
again, with the information:
"Well the first thing you should do is register all your phone numbers with the government's "Do Not Call Registry". A common myth is that you cannot register your cellular phone number. Not true! You can register your home and cell phone numbers with the "Do Not Call Registry". Registering your number will eliminate many calls from telemarketers after about 30 days from the time you registered. Telemarketers are required by law to not call any number on that list. Violating that law can carry severe penalties. There are some exceptions, like charities and communications companies, but for the most part, legitimate businesses will honor the list and never call you."

United Farm Workers.
Hillel. "You sound like a nice goy."

Also, don't forget interrupting dinner and removing dead people from the lists.

and this, well this is just interesting: As an example of how an appealing slippery slope argument can be unsound,
suppose that whenever a tree falls down,
it has a 95% chance of knocking over another tree.
We might conclude that soon a great many trees would fall, but this is not the case. There is a 5% chance that no more trees will fall,
 a 4.75% chance that exactly one more tree will fall (and thus a 9.75% chance of 1 or less additional trees falling), and so on.
There is a 92.3% chance that 50 or fewer additional trees will fall.
The expected value of trees that will fall is 20.
In the absence of some momentum factor that makes later trees more likely to fall than earlier ones,
this "domino effect" approaches zero probability.

 -----Oh boy. Gooooooooood times. My throat still hurts. I would do it again. But I'm a bit, well, connected to the issues. Chuckle.

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