Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Michele Bachmann! Hi! Yes, maam...hi!

You believe that the Constitution is divinely inspired, right? and as such, has a separate sphere of authority than church, and that Only God has Authority in the end- something no Christian Can deny...given this, do you believe the state is already allowed to punish miscarriage as abortion, and as you are steadily "pro-life", are you a sinner AND a criminal under your own reasoning? Also, if Jesus forgave you and blessed you with more children as some strange "proof", as you keep insinuating, what about the women who are coerced into "finding" Jesus in prison after your theocratic state locks them up for naturally "aborting" their egg? Will you allow the Pastor-sorry, warden- to grant clemency? Are women shamed by God with their periods because they entrap man, like Satan? And...as a follow up, although I would not normally see Theological questions as appropriate of a Presidential Candidate, but in light of your emphatic insistence that this Christianity you espouse, live by, and intend to see renewed in America is your number One qualification for running: are black (not-white) people marked by their skin as sinners? Some sects of your religion and others believe this. Do you? Should homosexual activity in public be a "misdemeanor" or criminal issue under the tenth amendment, and since you likely believe this to be true , given your subservient nature as commanded by God to your husband, do you believe public flogging, stoning, or hangings for "un-Godly" activity is an appropriate way to reduce Government spending, esp. considering all the heathens wasting our tax-dollars watching cable tv in our prisons? But wait! There's more!



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