Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can't Say It Often Enough

Soup McGee

and starve the beast was designed to weaken states! Starting with "little churches everywhere" in CA, if you ask me, but I try not to personalize. Now ALEC can ask it's CORP board members to Bail Out (buy) America, if and when we default, seeing as 29 companies have enough to 'rescue' us. We'll be over a Barrel, and the Forbes 400 Family families will have all of the money in One bucket (congressional effect fund). Meanwhile...ALEC is a quasi-federation of States creating quasi-federal legislation....If Obama can be made to use the 14th amendment, the Supreme Court will overturn him, and the Right will declare he has "abandoned the original documents," or some such like as, leading to articles of Impeachment, which we should see any day now, just on the general craziness....This has been a message for the sane, from the front lines of the Cold Civil War (brought to you by Walmart! aaaaand Speedy, Oil Change and Tune-up, your oil-change and smog Experts!))....Soup. :-/

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Soup McGee if I may...things to remember: eco/ britt/boaz

14 14 14, 15 (fascism, fascism+,propaganda, thinking distortions)

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Soup McGee

things to Know:

Fascist Christian Anarchist Nativist Idiocy Number One:

Hold Both sides of Irritatingly Wrong Position

two: blame you for confusing the issue

three: ignore any ANY ANY ANY piece of relevant information

four: invoke the Christian God as the only authority (and the flag as His ass-rag )blasphemy)

five: ignore reality when presented by anyone outside said failed philosophy- that's both Fascist and Distorted...

six: having deprived you of Your Identity they bully You with their Factual Opinion...but

seven: education is not allowed. Anyone claiming expertise or displaying critical thinking is expelled and ostracized. This allows the Right Society to use...

eight: scare tactics intended to convert any on the fence or love-loving people who hear Jesus and weep for their mother

nine: return to flipping/projection, so you are the one who is challenging Their Blasphemous Christian Dogma-HOW DARE YOU!

10: in always being right, and conflating bullying with violence, and disagreement with bullying, weakness, we are now lefty godhaters who deserve to be incarcerated before we further damage God's American Kingdom On Earth...

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Soup McGee

questions to ask: : Are states Already allowed to punish miscarriage as abortion, as a States Right not delegated to the Federal Gov.?

Are black (not-white) people marked by their skin as sinners? Some sects of your religion and others believe this.

Are you ashamed of your Parties silence, and thus acquiescence, towards Congressman Alan West, in light of his blatantly sexist, rude, and abusive remarks?

The strategy all along was to end the tyrannical government, no? http://www.rollcall.c/ om/issues/56_53/- 201050-1.html

What is that? -Seinfeld.
Should homosexual activity in public (or anywhere) be a "misdemeanor" or criminal issue under the tenth amendment?
Some people say they are Christians. How do I know You are?
Are people capable of effectively governing people? Or is the current Admin. 'Illegal' Under God?
If You are wrong about the debt ceiling and the consequence of Default, will you resign? Seriously, will you ?
How do we know Obama is #Capitalist? He kept selling R's enuf rope to hang themselves.

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Soup McGee

and defense Mechanisms:
Altruistic Behavior-

we can hold our own damn town halls.

Coalition building is Fun! Thanks for the idea, Grover! Oh! And I got One! A Democratic Candidate Pledge…ready? (I just wrote a song…wanna hear it, hear it go) :
No new Taxes? AWESOME! No New Prices! #EndThePledge

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