Friday, July 29, 2011

And Now, The Rise And Surprise of The New South; Only To Find The North Ain't Gone No-where...

  • Joey Broski C,mon ...It wasn't the wealthy even with tax breaks (that stimulate jobs) that got us in this hole was Obama and his use of a Crisis that would have went to waste. this is his baby ...this is the change you libtards voted for. Now you all are playing the blame game, scrambling to defend this failure of a president.
    27 minutes ago ·
  • Kelly Johnson Cease with the libtard word please.
    26 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Courtney Lynn wait wait wait....... you are saying Obama got us into this hole?!?!?!?!?! LMAO Joey, you are a true republican, TURN OFF FOX it ruins brain cells. If the tax cuts really stimulate job growth then why is it we have had these tax cuts for 12 years now and there are still no jobs????
    25 minutes ago · · 2 people
  • Danny Isbell Oh, Please. The fact that Bush HID $5Billion of costs for his two wars that weren't added to the debt until Obama took office MIGHT have something to do with our situation. That fact that Bush cut Taxes and lost $4Billion in Revenue MIGHT have something to do with our situation.
    24 minutes ago · · 2 people
  • Courtney Lynn ‎40% of the deficit is to PAY for the tax cuts
    24 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Kelly Johnson Don't forget the unfunded prescription drug bill.....
    24 minutes ago · · 3 people
  • Courtney Lynn guess who is paying to give the billionaires their breaks??? WE ARE
    24 minutes ago ·
  • Danny Isbell They're not Billionaires, they're "job creators".
    23 minutes ago · · 3 people
  • Courtney Lynn Job creators for China maybe
    22 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Kelly Johnson Where's Joey? lol
    22 minutes ago ·
  • Joey Broski
    I agree Bush is partly to blame for the increase of our national debt...But I can not give Obama a pass for increasing it~times x4 ... and then blaming Bush. I also don't subscribe to the notion that this is the Evil Gready rich companys fa...See More
    21 minutes ago · · 1 person
    21 minutes ago ·
  • Soup McGee come back to me...
    21 minutes ago ·
  • Joey Broski Obama is an experiment that will end in 2012.
    19 minutes ago ·
  • Soup McGee http://www.progressivestat​​f I mean, cirrusly? Catch up...I'd rather be a dumb "entrenched" liberal...but I'm really your neighbor....and anyone supporting the rebellion gets...(...)...
    18 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Joey Broski Soup ...use your real name ...Then get back to me ..why you hiding behind some stupid name
    17 minutes ago ·
  • Soup McGee non-violent action and heated rhetoric...
    17 minutes ago ·
  • Soup McGee experiment? GTF outta here with your secessionist Bullshit!
    17 minutes ago · · 3 people
  • Lisa Barton Go away Joey.
    17 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Tyrone Shoelaces Joey, will the GOP be able to pick a candidate?
    16 minutes ago · · 3 people
  • Soup McGee cause reasons you got no right to know, you bastard. I was adopted, and the reality you have for me I reject. Suck my *. Kindly.
    16 minutes ago ·
  • Laura Kelly So...Joey, who among all these tragically ill prepared and funny candidates would get your vote?
    15 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Joey Broski Never before in the history of politics has there a group of people who have to defend this man like you all do. you all line up like little obedient children for this snake oil salesmen. it's really pathetic
    15 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Soup McGee
    the desire so intense
    not intended for young audiences
    the way a tooth can separate and
    become a piece of the tile, biting carpets’ edge
    like a termite, ground to dust
    what was to become my source of trust

    you let it go
    you don’t let it haunt you
    15 minutes ago ·
  • Soup McGee
    You come to me
    Bringing me back to
    Dreams I’ve had
    Since before I knew I was dispensable
    Since before I thought I had the cure
    O massacre
    You’ve come for me
    There is no contentment in the pursuit of trivial pleasure
    All these minor lessons we’ve ignored together
    Cannot comfort us as the time for comfort has elapsed

    So my exterminator
    You can take advantage of me
    You wanted to take my misery and make it yours, well
    Now it’s yours
    Massacre me in mine and yours
    and Massacre let us not forget-
    what we do is what we get
    you cannot remember until you forget
    so kill me and get on with it

    I am in a weighty situation
    Suffocating in my grave
    Trembling in anticipation
    I am familiar with this day
    14 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Lisa Barton Joey. Try and answer Tyrone's question for kicks and giggles. C'mon Joey. You can do it.
    14 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Soup McGee bring it.
    14 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Tyrone Shoelaces We don't want to hear about your feelings, dude.
    14 minutes ago ·
  • Soup McGee I been waaaaaitin, secessionist!
    14 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Bill Healy Joey times X4, not only are you not too politically astute, but you can't do math for shit.
    14 minutes ago · · 4 people
  • Laura Kelly PS Joey...Billionaires are NOT always..."Job creators".... Huge tax relief to them is ludicrous. Besides they have HAD these huge cuts and I do not see any jobs, but Paris Hilton thanks you for the breaks.
    13 minutes ago · · 2 people
  • Joey Broski Look at you! you are really lemmings, you wake up every single day and have to defend this joke, a guy who was organizing crackheads on the south side of Chicago to tip elections. SMGDH!
    12 minutes ago ·
  • Soup McGee ‎"The North will still be here when the South Rises Again!"
    12 minutes ago ·
  • Tyrone Shoelaces Blah blah blah Obama is a big poopy head
    12 minutes ago ·
  • Soup McGee mfer randian calvinst * 14th amendment viler viling!
    11 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Soup McGee vile!!!!!
    11 minutes ago ·
  • Soup McGee chuckle...
    11 minutes ago ·
  • Ashley Chevres Trickle down economics (aka supply side) does not work. SInce without a demand who needs the supply !!
    11 minutes ago · · 2 people
  • Tyrone Shoelaces Either make your case with specifics or get the fuck out.
    11 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Ashley Chevres Trickle down economics means the wealthy have more money to put in to their saving and stock portfolios !!!
    9 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Courtney Lynn Hey Joey pop-quiz... which president gave a loan and which president gave money away?

    And just remember - 40% of the debt is tax CUTS that DO NOT WORK.
    9 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Joey Broski Hey Courtney, And just remember the Trillion dollar stimulus that worked....
    7 minutes ago ·
  • Soup McGee incidentally, %40 of gov. Sen. Paul from KS made clear the secessionists wanna cut! Huh...hmmmm. Huh. Hmmmmm.
    7 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Courtney Lynn Joey, we defend FACTS not rhetoric and hype like you :)
    6 minutes ago ·
  • Joey Broski you're gunna blow a gasket when the tea Party cleans your party directly out of office, then you and ones just like you are going skortched earth to defile and yell racism all day and twice on Sunday!
    4 minutes ago ·
  • Joey Broski Courtny your attemt at comedy kinda was good in that last comment!
    4 minutes ago ·
  • Lisa Barton Tea Party? Are you high? They are dropping like flies. About 20 of them showed up at the "BIG" rally in DC recently. Oh please.
    3 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Courtney Lynn AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The Tea Party
    3 minutes ago · · 2 people
  • Tyrone Shoelaces The Tea Party is R.I.P.
    3 minutes ago · · 3 people
  • Joey Broski Tyrone ...Yea We'll see...
    2 minutes ago ·
  • Courtney Lynn And FYI Joey, the Tea Party = Taxed Enough Already started in February of 2009 .... during the TAX cuts 20 days after Obama was inaugurated... racism is evident
    2 minutes ago · · 1 person
  • Soup McGee sure the eff will see cessionist !
    about a minute ago ·
  • Lisa Barton People are so angry at the tea party right now. They are going to be gone. Along with Boehner. LOL!
    about a minute ago ·
  • Millie Valdez Joey, No it will be you that will see!!i
    about a minute ago · · 1 person
  • Tyrone Shoelaces I'll help, Joey. Just tell us specifically what Obama has done that you don't and the establih that his action had the effect that you think it had.
    And you can't use any made-up Fox news horse shit.
    about a minute ago ·

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