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Compare the Two and You Decide

by Soup McGee on Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 12:38pm

hating the government=not a crime acting to over throw it= treason idea plus action Bachmann honed her view of the world after college, when she enrolled at Coburn Law School at Oral Roberts University, an "interdenominational, Bible-based, and Holy Spirit-led" school in Oklahoma. "My goal there was to learn the law both from a professional but also from a biblical worldview," she said in an April speech.

At Coburn, Bachmann studied with John Eidsmoe, who she recently described as "one of the professors who had a great influence on me." Bachmann served as his research assistant on the 1987 bookChristianity and the Constitution, which argued that the United States was founded as a Christian theocracy, and that it should become one again. "The church and the state have separate spheres of authority, but both derive authority from God," Eidsmoe wrote. "In that sense America, like [Old Testament] Israel, is a theocracy." ... " Rep. Michele Bachmann’s taken the clearest position: she’s completely against it — unless the deal to raise the debt ceiling included a Republican fantasy of extreme cuts and President Barack Obama agreeing to repeal his own landmark healthcare law." "Jason Horowitz reports about how Grover Norquist safeguards his no taxes pledge:

The sacred texts from which Grover Norquist draws his political power are hidden in a secret fireproof safe.

“I keep the originals in a vault, in case D.C. burns down,” said Norquist, referring to the pledge that his organization asks politicians to sign, vowing to “oppose any and all efforts” to raise taxes. “When someone takes the pledge, you don’t want it tampered with; you don’t want it destroyed.”...

He said it is an immutable covenant with voters, regardless of the mundane demands of govern­ance, one so serious it must be co-signed by two witnesses.

Question: What if a Republican signed the pledge, but then Washington was engulfed in a nuclear holocaust that incinerated the safe and killed the two witnesses? Would it then be okay for him to support a tax increase? Or is there a third safety mechanism to enforce the pledge?

I'm thinking Norquist might need another failsafe mechanism, like a DNA-encrypted pledge that would be stored in Antarctica, to guard against my nuclear holocaust scenario. Because otherwise, in my scenario, there might be a lot of pressure to approve a tax hike -- you know, to fund the rebuilding of destroyed American cities and maybe to wage a war against whoever destroyed them -- and no pledge to keep Republicans in line. " = no government, none! because of specific planned action=treason, because I am a taxpayer, too.

As opposed to

Rett Wiginton Where in the scriptures does it say, sell your good, give the money to Caesar and let him give it to the poor. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and liberals are sure wasting their minds.

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