Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Can Obama Debate? by Soup McGee on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 11:48am

I can't wait/When they begin, Imma set a pot to boil, sit down and relax with a joint; chuckle and scratch and take notes and make phone calls. I'm gonna cirrusly enjoy watching baggers get destroyed with their own words having locked their own gate ideologically and logically. Squirmy lil nits. Dumbass Nativist Idiots. Reality will soon meet Republican theological hickhickhick, what’s that called? Ah, fact without precedent. Lies. Based on hate. Run now-text your prayers- your god is gone, he left; you pissed him off; it’s too late-:While you cower behind pulpits, in pews, in public, while you make your pleas that only more tax cuts are going to help the budget; while you lie to and in familiar societal and familial patterns through generations of misogyny and “justified violence” mislead your students into the supporting of class massacre. You disown the Republic, you wish to abort democracy- I call you choir-preachers-I call you religious intolerants-each of you who claim the Bible but support and vote for fascists, each of you who will not speak out against this domestic evil. You are disingenuous misanthropic false prophets. I will never be forced to admit I believe for the sake of not being shamed publicly…that’s how you operate. I’m onto you. And by the way…praying publicly? That’s nasty, heresy, anyways; in the very least hypocrisy. You may not be racist, ok. It will be hard during the debates to prove you are comfortable with your own skin, let alone his. Y'all are acting afraid of the big bad scary black man. You can't call him an American. My guess is that if you do you are afraid you will be admitting you are just like him, and then yer blasphemous Jesus won't love you/love you/love you..."

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