Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Pledge Allegiance To the Flag. Full Stop. Please Get Your Elected Official On The Record re: Authority...

Man Has Authority to govern Man, the Dominionist Believes Only God Has Authority- they hold the Constitution as Biblically based and allow local law to become “theonomic” ---this TREASON---this is the reason for my animus. Christianity has Become an argument against itself by supplanting the Authority of the Document We share, believer and non-believer alike. End the Pledge. End the Influence. Tax the Church. Get the Money out of elections. End Corporate Personhood. Same fight. I hope readers are following their own trail---this is an archive (soupsauntie) designed to position stories in a way that allow MY further investigation—I share because I hate HATE HATE misinformation-I really cannot be more clear than this: like it or not, -and this is NOT a spiritual Concern for me, for My reasons I am interested---I pledge Allegiance to the Flag. Full Stop. Anyone pledging more value to their god than the Document that protects them from and provides for them that freedom… is in need of a good talkin’ to. Just My thought. The richest four hundred families, jointly owning the majority of the most profitable corporations and in their sixth or seventh generation of landed gentry are depending on a Third Wave of Reformation in Christianity and a voting bloc determined to end Democracy's Evil Hold On God's Sphere of Authority (Rj Rushdoony, etc.). Having disguised themselves as American, their ultimate goal is to soon separate us from our primary rights. Through the manipulation of media backed by corporate funding, they seek to influence the government to create hysteria such that the people will Want to or find they Have replace civil law with biblical law- regardless of the fact that it violates the First Amendment- by imposing the theory of theonomy. Those one-tenth of one percent that own the 40 percent or so of America’s printed money and access to all the keys of the Kingdom ARE the Corporatocracy we are Fighting. Same fight. Not a different fight.
The problem for All groups, as the Revolting Randian Calvinist Class sees it, is government. You have the right to be your own state and gave to the government by will alone- otherwise, the gov is only a gang, and those opposed to it are a family. This is according to them, not me...so...
Grover believes gov. taxes by force, and builds coalitions

this pledge prohibits the EFFORT to raise taxes.
an in-action of requirement towards Oath of Office (may raise taxes as necessary for full faith and valid debts, etc.), which is required by the Austrian economics-and the Pledge
the pledge serves two masters: Grovers' 'voters'- Christians who expect the pledge to upheld over oath of office because they have been coerced by the church to hate the government and see the duty of Society to Each Other as Evil, Illegitimate Authority-thus we are "slaves" to the "gangster government" -, and two

ALEC, and the families within the 400 connected by trust PAC charity, etc....who have made- and let me stress this- WEALTH INEQUALITY is- a RANDIAN SEPARATION.
“Where are the jobs, Mr. President” was a mocking, not a question. No government spending can create jobs, by their strange belief, despite the Treasury being the Printer of their Vast fortunes. - i haven't heard "theonomics" used---but I know Libertarian Theocrat is better understood here: http://www.publiceye.org/portal/top-domtheo-page.html http://www.theocracywatch.org/biblical_law2.htm etc.

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