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I Know From Experience: To Catch An *, Ask Them To Congratulate Themselves. Chuckle.
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    • Soup McGee
      An Alabama state senator apologized after Democrats stirred up racial tensions i...See More
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    • Soup McGee
      The judge who presided over Alabama's gambling corruption trial says two of the ...See More
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    • Soup McGee
      Did Scott Beason trip over the wire he was wearing? "Aborigine" comment has defense lawyers dancing their happy dance.
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    • Constant Change Sup Soup !
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    • Soup McGee
      Scott Beason's off the witness stand, but he's not out of the spotlight as outrage continues over "aborigine" comment.
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    • Soup McGee
      Leroy Smith challenged [Republican state Sen. Scott Beason] to pick a bucket ful...See More
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    • Constant Change I heard some conservatives in Alabama experienced a new feeling. Once they got what they wanted, then the stepped back and felt sorry for what they did...... We really don't have time for all these learning experiences. Why can't they develop some compassion before they make the mistakes ?
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    • Soup McGee " "Donnie Rhodes, a children's minister at Gardendale's First Baptist Church near Birmingham, took 47 sixth graders to the game by bus and said it was the perfect outing. "It was affordable, safe and spiritual," he said. "And the kids just thought it was the coolest thing."""" y'all see that, right? racist bastards
      ‎(10-21) 18:51 PDT Montgomery, Ala. (AP) -- The judge who presided over Alabama'...See More
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    • Soup McGee
      thinks this should drive home that final nail, as it word. chuckle.:The Rise of Dominionism in America
      Members of Gardendale Baptist Church voted Sunday to expel about 165 m...See More
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    • Soup McGee found a random Gardendale, Alabama WF with some of these public "likes"
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    • Soup McGee finds that very Helpful. Thank you, Eric Cantor, for your time.
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  1. International Transformation Network || Ed ... - Harvest Evangelism
    A description from excerpts of chapter 18 in Ed Silvoso's book Transformation. Regal Books, Ventura Ca 2007. The International Transformation Network (ITN) is ...
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    Ed Silvoso Author, Anointed for Business and Transformation CEO ...
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    Harvest Evangelism Download the Marketplace Transformation series today! ...
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    TransformOurWorld is being built and hosted at Harvest Evangelism Inc., which is the umbrella organization for the International Transformation Network. ...
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    Nov 11, 2010 – The international evangelical organization whose Christian claims on ... by Harvest Evangelism and the International Transformation Network. ...
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    Mission Houston---Changing Greater Houston for Good: We seek ...
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    INTERNATIONAL TRANSFORMATION NETWORK ... pace-setting experience in nation transformation which coincides with the Harvest Evangelism ...
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    Transform Our World - Harvest Evangelism's home for people and movements ... change the world for the better this is the International Transformation Network.
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    We also reach out to the world through these national and global ministries. Harvest Evangelism. Mission Rwanda. International. Transformation. Network ... and Teaching click here to go to the Harvest Evangelism Free Download page. ...
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  1. | Newark's Prayer-Based Crime Fighting Effort Isn't Working
    May 3, 2011 – ... claims amazing results as its Christian volunteers "prayer walk" the Newark city ... this story) from Harvest Evangelism, the ministry credited with launching the ... tied to Silvoso's International Transformation Network ministry. ...
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    thus igniting a much larger transformation explosion in the ... Seminar and then repeat the three day radio exercise and prayer walk, if not all of ... To serve this goal this group of leaders just launched a West Coast Chapter of the International ... from now repeating the radio and prayer walking exercise networking radio ...
    Ed Silvoso | Together Canada
    Jun 23, 2011 – Bringing Canadian Christians together to transform their communities. ... Ed Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism is visiting Huntley St. this morning and will ... One of the big ideas that we discussed was how to prayer walk every street in that city. ... of the most exciting city transformation stories around the world. ...
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    Oct 14, 2011 – By tow_site, 10/13/2011. As we flew back home from the Harvest Evangelism Transform Our World conference, I had become quite congested ...
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    What impact does a prayer walk have on the spiritual climate of a school? ... when Harvest Evangelism sponsored a meeting for the Apostolic Transformation Network. It was during this meeting that the International Transformation Network ...
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    Jul 30, 2010 – Inside the US, the International Transformation Network is not overtly eliminationist. ... Transformation Hawaii, in partnership with Harvest Evangelism (Ed .... in which believers "prayer walk" city streets praying for residents and ...
    Transform Our World | Together Canada
    Apr 14, 2011 – One of the big ideas that we discussed was how to prayer walk every street in that city. Thanks to Ed Silvoso's Harvest Evangelism ministry there is an ... The Transform Our World website offers an “Adopt Your Street” ...
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    Feb 12, 2011 – Prayer walk at the Northfield High School was organized by student Maria Olson .... I am now networking with Ed Silvoso and Harvest Evangelism, ... Silvoso also heads up the International Transformation Network (ITN). ...
    Joseph Peck » 2007 » March
    What impact does a prayer walk have on the spiritual climate of a school? ... when Harvest Evangelism sponsored a meeting for the Apostolic Transformation Network. It was during this meeting that the International Transformation Network ...

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