Monday, October 3, 2011

From Feb: Banned By The Bee- Guess I'll Never Get A Direct Answer

Writes Hogue: "While California boasts of a bluer than blue voter constituency, the state's Republican Party continues to struggle with a familiar red-faced debate: Where should the party go from here?"
The party must grow wider so it can grow larger in voter representation, and there can be no delay; a Republican ideology of prudence must begin to win out over the narrow pathways of control.
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Soup McGee wonders why the paper doesn't make a bigger deal out of being asked to leave the room and having to ask to stay during Fox News Liar Frank Luntz's remarks. Or was that only for independent reporters? And one more question...
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wonders, does Mr. Stanhope have a broken hand, or were charges filed against the Teamster as a matter of policy borne of personal politic and not necessity? I'm just a guy with an internet connection; where are the reporters to ask question...s and find real answers? "The result was a misdemeanor assault arrest of the goon who attacked Rodney (he was released with an appearance ticket – we will be at the hearing) and Rodney suffered a broken hand and bruise on his throat (in the second hit you can see the shorter, fire-plug of a goon take a shot directly at Rodney’s larynx.)" More
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Soup McGee hopes if the hearing happened, the Bee was there too. Or goes when it does. That will be news, if a Teamster is penalized for what Mr. Stanhope nearly admits to have incited. I was there, I saw this happen,I call BS: "Rodney Stanhope, my wife (Holly is also my radio producer) and I made no effort to hide our identity as we strode through the SEIU crowd to the podium area. "
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Soup McGee saw one woman wearing a Giants jersey, ala "dress up like them." But she forgot to smile when I said, "Go Giants!" in a friendly manner, as Giants fans do. She smirked, which drew my attention to her and her blond older friends signs, saying something like "Collective Bargaining is not a right." They signaled someone in the crowd, I assume Mr. Stanhope and the cameraman from the videos in the article linked...somewhere, the argument they lost is on tape. Find that story, Sac Bee, and I will pay for the subscription after the test month is over.
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