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Work, Work, And More Work...

What we do not know about juvenile sexual reoffense risk

MF Caldwell - Child maltreatment, 2002 -
... The author has an association with a small juvenile sex offender treatment program in a secured
juvenile correctional facility. Of the last 25 admissions to that program, 11 had been adjudicated
on this type of offense. ... JUVENILE SEX OFFENDER RECIDIVISM STUDIES ...

[PDF] Family environments of adolescent sex offenders and other juvenile delinquents

GP Bischof, SM Stith, ML Whitney - Adolescence, 1995 -
... In EM Otey, & GD Ryan (Eds.), Adolescent sex offenders: Issues in research and treatment (pp. ...
Ryan, G. (1988) The juvenile sexual offender: A question of diagnosis. Uniform Data Collection
System, Data on 1000 Juvenile Offenders, presented April 1988: National Symposium ...

Justice Served-The High Cost of Juvenile Sex Offender Registration

P Geer - Dev. Mental Health L., 2008 - HeinOnline
... The High Cost of Juvenile Sex Offender Registration ... After being convicted at the age of eighteen,
juvenile sex offender Alan Groome was released from a Washington prison in 1994 when he
finished serving a three year sentence for raping two boys.1 He moved into ...

[PDF] Multisystemic treatment of adolescent sexual offenders

CM Borduin, SW Henggeler, DM Blaske… - International Journal, 1990 -
... "Assessing Juvenile Sex Offenders' Risk for ... Rape as Instrumental Violence: A Study of Youth
Offenders." Journal of Offender Counseling, Service and ... University States International University
School of Human Behavior 10455 Pomerado Road San Diego, California 92131 USA ...

Sex offender registration and recidivism risk in juvenile sexual offenders

MF Caldwell, C Dickinson - Behavioral sciences & the law, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
... To test this assumption, the current study compares risk scores on the static scales of the Juvenile
Sex Offender Assessment Protocol—II (JSOAP-II; Prentky & Righthand, 2003) and the Youth
Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (YLS/CMI; Hoge, Andrews, & Leschied ...

Factors related to recidivism among juvenile sexual offenders

LA Rasmussen - Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 1999 - Springer
... 1Graduate School of Social Work, University of Utah. 2Present address: School of Social Work,
College of Health and Human Services, San Diego State University, 5500 Campanile Drive, San
Diego, California 92182-4119. ... The conduct disorders and the juvenile sex offender. ...

The influence of sex offender registration on juvenile sexual recidivism

EJ Letourneau, D Bandyopadhyay… - … Justice Policy Review, 2009 -
... This study examines the influence of South Carolina's sex offender registration policy
on juvenile offender recidivism risk. Juvenile male sexual offender (N = 1,275) risk
of recidivism was examined with an average 9-year follow-up. ...

Juvenile sexual offending: One-year period prevalence study within Oxfordshire

AC James, P Neil - Child abuse & neglect, 1996 - Elsevier
... Ninety percent of the victims are known to the offender as a relative, acquaintance, or babysitter. ...
In California in 1983, there were over 1,850 juvenile felony arrests of those under 18 for sex
offenses, of which nearly 600 were for forcible rape and 700 for lewd or ...

Sex offender recidivism: A simple question

AJR Harris, RK Hanson… - 2009 -
... Title: Sex Offender Recidivism: A Simple Question. ... Abstract: The 10 subsamples of sex offenders
ranged in size from 191 to 1,138 and were drawn from the ... Manitoba, Alberta, and the Correctional
Service of Canada, as well as the US States of California and Washington State ...

Child and adolescent sex abuse perpetrators: A review of the research literature

E Vizard, E Monck, P Misch - Journal of child psychology and …, 1995 - Wiley Online Library
... how to evaluate juvenile sex offender programmes, and that is the need to build in a
developmental perspective (Zussman, 1989). ... video or questionnaire material). Sapp and
Vaughn (1990) surveyed 30 juvenile sex offender treatment programmes ...

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