Sunday, June 16, 2013

Facebook Says It's MY SPEECH That Is Offensive...Soup Only Asks Questions, Posts Excerpts...

Any Christians wanna condemn this?


Start here for a quick read. These carefully selected quotes demonstrate
the unifying theme of this compilation. The original communications can
be found in the Messages section for more detailed study.

My money's on we gas you fucks first, and this
time get it right. Cheers!

I want to send my help to your organization, by volunteering to help you burn down
churches. Especially nigger chruches. [...] I CURSE you to fail and die a VERY severe
mikeyweinstein!!!!! I hope all your kids turn out gay
as hell, take it in the ass, and
get aids and die!!!!! Die Fag

Jeremy Hall is a risk. [...] He and his lawyer should be exterminated.

Allah goes down on little boys and grown men, on the guise of getting them to kill them
selves and get 72 virgins......All he
wants is fresh meat. Allah is a sick dog........and your
religion represents dogs as well

Shut the fuck up you commie cunt.[...]You support terrorist agaist this country and
should be tried for treason. Judgement day is coming.

Muslims are evil wacked out peo
ple that need to be run out of this country you idiots.

Muslims are evil, islam is evil. Too bad King Richard did not have enough troops to kill all
of them!!!! [...] Your organization must be run by terrorist loving communist; all of you
should be kicked
out of the United States, better yet put in prison for trying to over throw

you bunch of egg sucking dogs have no business sticking your fucking nose in religious
beliefs. Join with the egg sucking C
AIR and fight against Graham. We will not be safe
until Cair and people like you are eradicated like cockroaches from the land of the USA.

Do the right thing
commit mass suicide. [...]Maybe you can help me with my history
prep [...] Did they really mak
e your grandmother into soap?

I would pack all the jews off to israel, cram them into that shitty little bastard state, build a
wall around them at their expense, and then arm the surrounding arab states to the

you f*****g piece of shit jew and you
r stinking jew woman and inbred jew childrun and
lover traiter daughterinlaw deserve to torture die you filth jew liberil america hating
jesus hating basterd"""""""""""""""""
---and Facebook says it's MY SPEECH that is offensive, not the speech I am reporting and asking questions about. PLEASE, let us review...My speech is merely a question followed by an excerpt from the link -
---  So please, tell me again, who is guilty of Offensive Speech, Facebook Standards Community?

---------------------------------- Is the question I asked offensive? I find that hard to it the quoted speech? That would make even less sense...are you sure you want to censor what is an honest attempt to start a conversation on a debate page? When an organization like MRFF has been nominated for four Nobel Peace prizes, I would think they would get more credit. If I had posted an excerpt of hatemail from the dailykos, would that also get me blocked? I am confused as to how I may conduct my research on Your network when merely reporting and asking questions gets me blocked.

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