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Did The Bible Condemn Slavery? Is God's Law 'Tomorrow's Law?' So the grace of Jesus cannot save me here, I am bound by a generational curse
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  • Bill Rapp why can't you libs ever take the Bible as a whole? SMH you all claim to be so intelligent, but most of you can't put different parts of the bible together and understand the whole.
  • Soup McGee Bill can you do me a favor and answer a direct question?
  • Bill Rapp if I can and if it can be answered in a direct answer. that is part of the problem with talking about the Bible. most people actually have the basics wrong. so you have to go back explain and prove the basics then answer the question. but shoot.
  • Soup McGee is not intelligent; I am inquisitive. btw.
  • Bill Rapp ok, If I can give you an answer I will. if I don't know, I will tell you that as well.
  • Soup McGee --it's convoluted, has a few Bits to it, and is meant seriously, not as an Attack--
  • Bill Rapp ok, I'll take it as a serious question.
  • Soup McGee spent years reading the Bible as a devout believer, careful with assumptions, please--

    thanks for your patience, I have tailored my question to be as respectful as possible--
  • Soup McGee -- and I Do understand the difference between old and new testament- that is why the word 'covenant' is so important --- he did not change one 'whit or tittle of the law':
    --- Adoptions do not require the religious ceremony that marriage does, indeed i
    t is an interaction with the how can an adoptee be truly a part of a family in the eyes of 'God?'

    Having been given back after having been adopted...I know that being adopted does not mean becoming a member of a family...

    Maybe a better question: why is a state contract for an adopted child needed to join a family but a religious rite is not also conducted?


    Am I still a member of the family that adopted me and gave me back because the consequences of the sexual abuse I endured at the hands of my mother was too much for them? The state does not recognize any such relationship, 'god' is under no obligation to honor that 'familial bond.'

    In a Christian Nation, a truly theonomic state, I would fear that my status would put my progeny in danger...Not trying to be hyperbolic, I've read much of Rushdoony's 'Institutes of Biblical Law"

    Basic to family law is the inner bond of blood and faith.(pg. 360) The family was basic to Biblical society and culture; the godly family had to be perpetuated, and the ungodly family cut off. The bastard was cut of from church and state, insofar as any legal status was concerned, to the tenth generation (Deut.23:2). He might be a godly man but he was not a citizen. (pg.375)…bastards could not be recognized as legitimate…The creation and perpetuation of godly families is thus basic to the law (pg.380). Biblical law is designed to create a familistic society…[marital infidelity is] treason to the family and introduces an alien loyalty to the home, as well as alien seed (pg.395).’In the trustee period, adultery, along with one or two other crimes, is the most infamous act against the whole society-kinship group…’(by Zimmerman) (pg.396)
  • Bill Rapp sorry, but I have been amazed at how so called devout Christians will believe the craziest things. even when scripture is put in their face.
  • Soup McGee ^^^fair criticism^^^ :-0
  • Soup McGee -ps- "Break the curse – confession and repentance from you and your generations, past, present-
    future. A common experience in most audiences the world
    over – when
    these curses are broken through deliverance prayer, one third of the audience
    knows of a direct instance of a bastard situation within their family, and the other
    two thirds usually experience a noticeable and obvious spiritual weight lifted off

    The only way to break the curse is to proclaim Jesus as your savior, thus in a truly Christian nation, one bound to God's Law first, I would be executed or banished, because I am many things but I am no a liar.
  • Bill Rapp ok It's late so if you want me to post the books and chapters, you will have to give me some time. to late for tonight. but 1 you have to take into account that inheritance laws were very important at the time. so the laws were strict to try to prevent the mistakes or outright cheating by the mother. (child by adultery) there was never a problem with adoption into Israel. there were certain groups that could never be part of Israel or Judah. but IMO that came down to genetics. what I mean is, there was something genetically wrong with a certain group that God did not want added to the people of Israel.
  • Soup McGee -- but the covenant laws were not changed and cannot be changed unless I accept Jesus.I am a bastard. I am an atheist So in a Christian Nation with Christian Laws I would be in not about adoption, about the curse of my bastard status --
  • Soup McGee -- thanks, you can rest on it if you want, I mean it in ALL seriousness as a formerly devout believer...I cannot reconcile the two thoughts philosophically,- Bastard=cursed + America=christian= me=banished.

  • Bill Rapp no this goes back to the original laws. it may have an effect in the physical world to some extent, but it is not permanent.
  • Soup McGee cool, i get what you mean...still. if America has a congress and a senate and a president and state and local officials who all look to the Institutes of Biblical law before the statutes of their state or the be screwed, no...and there is no doubt that SOME want that...
  • Soup McGee -- when discussing immigration during the debates all candidates agreed one a few points. One that caught my ear was the idea that those who were here 'illegally' but worked, attended church, had graduated college---wait, attended church?

    See my problem? They all all all agreed that this was a necessity to be a productive member of American Life. --
  • Bill Rapp no, Gods laws always come before mans laws. Gods intent will always trump what laws man puts in place.
  • Soup McGee does man have the authority to govern man, Bill?
  • Bill Rapp you are here Soup. you are one of those God chose from the nations.
  • Bill Rapp yes, but that does not mean man is above fucking up the law
  • Soup McGee -- is not government a secular mechanism?--
  • Soup McGee -- and you are welcome to believe that and even to be right, t if you write laws that require that I go to church or be seen as a non-productive member of society you are coercing me into faith and not asking me to believe, let alone letting God work...--
  • Bill Rapp look how we fucked up slavery. and I am not being sarcastic. God used slavery to take back part of his people. those slaves were never meant to be permanent slaves. they should have been educated and freed after 7 years. but lawmakers at the time perverted Gods laws.
  • Soup McGee there is not one word in the bible conemning slavery bil
  • Soup McGee not one word condemning slavery and that is why 'we' fucked up--
  • Bill Rapp Soup, ultimately God wanted to end slavery. God did not invent slavery. man did. God just used slavery to end slavery.
  • Bill Rapp and yes, he did tell us to end slavery in our country and that was to extend to the world.
  • Bill Rapp book of Ezekiel Soup. think it is around chapter 35. let me check.
  • Soup McGee --nobody raised much of a stink when Washington sent the army to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion, a popular rebellion trying to stop Big Government from taxing small businessmen into oblivion. So if the favored reasoning for the Second Amendment wasn’t ...See More
    The pivotal question of why the Bill of Rights includes the Second Amendment is ...See More
  • Bill Rapp really? so this whole conversation is a round about way to get to the 2nd amendment? lol
  • Soup McGee --- So you either have a God who sent men to create and implement slavery or you have a God who simply watches and says I will punish you in the afterlife? Fuuuuuuck that. I cannot be coerced into somehow believing that a God like you describe-- let alone living under Biblical Law-- And this has shit to do with the Second Amendment-
  • Bill Rapp again, Gods laws on slavery in this country were PERVERTED by men.
  • Soup McGee I put that up because of the point about slavery, slow your roll, I've been HECKA respectful-
  • Bill Rapp Soup, the civil war was Gods punishment for slavery! slavery if we had followed Gods laws would have been long over without a civil war IF we had followed Gods laws.
  • Soup McGee -- the bible has not one word condemning slavery Bill, not one word...lok for a word condemning slavery. Which book is that in...-
  • Bill Rapp give me a minute
  • Soup McGee civil war was a result of a nullification crisis...we had 'Gods Law' under he articles of confederation/....and PS-
  • Bill Rapp give me a minute, it is in the book of Ezekiel
  • Soup McGee this is not GODS LAW it is Supreme Court PRECEDENT and we are bound by that before any allegiance to any God...I am not required to be a believer in America to be a Citizen Bill-- :
    "4. The Union of the States never was a purely artificial and arbitrar
    y relation. It began among the Colonies, and grew out of common origin, mutual sympathies, kindred principles, similar interests, and geographical relations. It was confirmed and strengthened by the necessities of war, and received definite form and character and sanction from the Articles of Confederation. By these, the Union was solemnly declared to "be perpetual." And, when these Articles were found to be inadequate to the exigencies of the country, the Constitution was ordained "to form a more perfect Union."
    5. But the perpetuity and indissolubility of the Union by no means implies the loss of distinct and individual existence, or of the right of self-government by the States. On the contrary, it may be not unreasonably said that the preservation of the States and the maintenance of their governments are as much within the design and care of the Constitution as the preservation of the Union and the maintenance of the National government. The Constitution, in all its provisions, looks to an indestructible Union composed of indestructible States."
    Texas v. White - 74 U.S. 700 (1868)Share|Syllabus Case U.S. Supreme CourtTexas v...See More
  • Soup McGee ^^^^seriously Bill Rapp The above post is Not GODS LAW ^^^^ but we are bound by it believer In Christ, Atheist or not--- Am I wrong?
  • Soup McGee -- what stops some elected representative from pushing through a law they believe is right, based on this..
    "A. The Bastard Curse is a Ten Generation Cu
    ...See More
  • Soup McGee -- Glenn Grossman in Wisconsin, who tried to pass a bill making single women unfit mothers- I shouldn't worry?

    "Next Glenn Grothman turned his attention to single mothers, introducing legislation that define single mothers as a cause of child Grothma
    n single parentabuse by claiming – despite the complete lack of evidence to affirm his position and the preponderance of evidence that refutes it – that single mothers by virtue of their very existence are committing acts of child abuse. Naturally, he made no mention at all of the sperm donors who share responsibility for the existence of single mothers by impregnating them and then not taking responsibility for their republicans-in-your-vaginaseminal emissions."
    By now you have heard the latest from Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman, bu...See More
  • Bill Rapp it's late. all, I will say is you have taken this all over the top. along with some crazy Christians. gain, you are mixing inheritance laws that have already been set. that may give you the wrong idea, the way I just put it.
  • Soup McGee -- thanks fer the talk-
  • Bill Rapp Soup, it is Isaiah chapter 58 that talks about doing away with slavery and helping the poor. give me a minute.
  • Bill Rapp << Isaiah 58 >>
    English Standard Version-----True and False Fasting
    Line---6 “Is not this the fast that I choose:
    to loose the bonds of wickedness,
    to undo the straps of the yoke,

    to let the oppressedb go free,
    and to break every yoke?
    7 Is it not to share your bread with the hungry
    and bring the homeless poor into your house;
    when you see the naked, to cover him,
    and not to hide yourself from your own flesh?
    8 Then shall your light break forth like the dawn,
    and your healing shall spring up speedily;
    your righteousness shall go before you;
    the glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard.
    9 Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer;
    you shall cry, and he will say, ‘Here I am.’
    If you take away the yoke from your midst,
  • Bill Rapp and to break every yoke? << that is God telling his people to do away with slavery. that was his plan from the start. because we did not our punishment was a bloody civil war to end slavery.
  • Bill Rapp If you read that chapter, you will see I am not giving you my interpretation. it is God telling YOU what HE says is a fast. it does not matter what I think is a fast or what you think is a fast. what matters is what God says is a fast.
  • Soup McGee -that is not a condemnation---- wait
  • Soup McGee are you saying you think that is a condemnation of slavery?
  • Soup McGee --and I have been thinking about this for Some time- you don't have to click through, the link is so you know where it's from
    --besides, Bill, and seriously, though, famil
    ...See More
    I LOVE the way you write .... and I am enjoying finding out about you and about the passion about which you write ... KEEP DOING IT! :)
  • Soup McGee -- Bill Rapp- you said that God's Law comes first--:
    "Bill Rapp no, Gods laws always come before mans laws. Gods intent will always trump what laws man puts in place.
    10 hours ago · Like" -- so--whatsayyou-- If America submitted first to God, if our allegiance as a people was to God and not law, today we would not have seen a peaceable transfer of power...true?
  • Bill Rapp that Soup is in regards to how God wants things to work out. his plan will be instituted regardless of what man does.
  • Soup McGee -- ahhhh. -- so TODAY man's law comes first, then, Later, God's law...Kinda like allowing slavery so He can punish the unjust master in the afterlife...I get it...
  • Soup McGee because Oppressed generally means those suffering an unjust or severe punishment...if the slaves were ordained by their race to be slaves....kinda hard to see that as unjust if you are reading the Bible the way many have interpreted in point, not a point directly about the second amendment:
    """The "hidden history" of the Second Amendment is important for two reasons. First, it supports the view that the amendment does not grant individuals a right to keep and bear arms for their own purposes; rather it only protects the right to bear arms within the militia, as defined within the main body of the Constitution, under the joint control of the federal and state governments. At the time, the southern states extensively regulated their militias and prescribed their slave control responsibilities. Second, the hidden history is important because it fundamentally changes how we think about the right to keep and bear arms. The Second Amendment takes on an entirely different complexion when instead of being symbolized by a musket in the hands of the minutemen, it is associated with a musket in the hands of the slave holder."""" can you see what I mean? The slaves were not generally considered to be held 'unjustly' or to be receiving some 'unjust punishment' -- so they wore no yoke that could be 'fasted' away-- I mean...Man's law came first. Like it did today. And must tomorrow.

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