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Scholar- Person with Aptitude for Study..A Dick is Someone for Secession-thoughts...

I'm sharing this link only to show the real thoughts of these people out there protesting. I do not agree with these protests and never will. Look at the sign in the back that says "death to capitalism". Thats scary. My question to these protesters is, what do they want? Communism? Socialism? I would encourage everyone of them to go live in North Korea for awhile and see what they think about Communism. They could go live in Venizuela for a while and see what Socialism is all about. How much do the Chinese pay for there labor? Thats the wages they can expect under Communism. Do these people even have a clue as to what they are hoping for? God help us all.
Thousands of people are currently gathered in Oakland's main intersection. Busin...See More
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    • Robert Eakin If they call themselves "occupiers," why do we not repel them or capture them. We could intern them until the parks get cleared out and cleaned up so that paying customers, like tea partiers, can have occasional rallies in them. But alas! the double standard lives on.
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    • Sistersharon Matthews do any of us really know what the f is the american dream
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    • Sistersharon Matthews i dont think anyone really knows really
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    • John Mckeever I'm an American, and I have a dream..... I dream of wealth but, unlike these retards that stand there with there hands out I know I have to earn it!. These people are losers!
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    • Sistersharon Matthews but think about it everyone has the same dream but only a few are chosen our system cant work any other way 90% of the money goes to 10% of the people while 90% of the people live off 10% of the money..think about how hard you work and cant get ahead...............................think hard
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    • Sistersharon Matthews and while they are occupied they need to know what they are occupied for
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    • Curtis Rowland Sharon. Just commenting about that sign. If they don't like capitalism they should throw away there iPhones, iPods , and iPads.
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    • Sistersharon Matthews then while you typing away on your pc stand up for your rights and throw your shit away that you are typing start it
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    • Steve Foster To answer your last question.. I would say that clearly, most of them (perhaps 99% :-) are clueless and couldn't handle a paper route..
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    • Sistersharon Matthews like the ones who are running wall street
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    • Philip Bender Are you reffering to the Wall street Democrats who decided that they would switch there support from Hillery to Obama and give him millions of dollars to support his run for President? Oh and then Wall Street got bailed out and yes even supplied him with The Secretary of Treasury, Gietner. After he paid up his delinquent Taxes.
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    • Ron Vogel Amazing to see the anger in this picture, and you wonder how many of those people support the NBA players in that current work stoppage. An industry in which nearly 70% of the players make over $1 million annually and they don't want to sign a new CBA with the owners because their share of the revenue will go from 57% down to 50%. Many of these protestors above think the NBA players are getting screwed by the "greedy" owners, even though 22 of the 30 NBA teams lost money last year. Of course, it's because of Capitalism that a guy who performs in a game for maybe 20 minutes a night, three nights a week, for about six months a year can earn over a $1 M dollars annually, become wealthy and support generations of his family, and yet it's not enough.
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    • Ron Vogel I should say, Many people in this group "probably" think the players are getting screwed by the "greedy" owners.
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    • Jeanie Larson The protesters want corporate money out of the election process, Wall Street reform and tax reform (see Coffee Party website). The Supreme Court citizens united ruling basically gave corporations control of our election process. Corporations now rule America - not the people. They want Wall Street reform. The Glass Steagall Act was repealed, giving Wall Street license to commit legalized fraud - part of the reason for the collapse. People are losing their jobs, homes, retirement, pensions - of course they are angry! They want tax reform. I pay over $30K in federal income taxes and Exxon Mobile gets billion dollar refunds! Most of the wealthy do not earn wages, their income comes from capital gains - which is taxed at a flat 15% - meaning that their tax rate is lower than mine (and other working wage earners! They don't want Communisim or Socialism - they want the America we had BEFORE corporations got their greedy hands on it! We don't have a democracy any more - it is a plutocracy or corporatocracy - what ever you want to call it - a country by and for corporate interest. And with it the American Dream is no longer within the reach of most Americans...
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    • Jeanie Larson We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
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    • Jeanie Larson The protesters want America to be for the people again!
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    • Curtis Rowland Sharon. I believe in capitalism, so no I won't throw away my PC. I thank capitalism for me being able to have a PC. I don't think Communist Korea would let me have one. Jeanie. I'm just commenting on that sign in the back ground. I understand what your saying and we can debate that in another forum. I'm just saying these morons need to realize what they are insinuating by displaying that sign.
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    • Bobby Capps Hey you guys These people are for YOU They are against the Capitalist who are ripping this country off and the rest of the world They are against BIG Business controlling your lives stealing your Vacations Pensions Homes has anyoen actually been watching what's going on here or are you all just complainers These occupiers are for the peopel of the people and by the people. They protest Gas prices and outrages costs for food clothing and so on The peoplewho have allt ehmoney are running this country buying your representitives votes Sot hey can get Mo money mo money mo money The only times protest get out of control is whent he cops show up. You are supposed to have the right to Assmble and have a say ithis coutnry and now you guys say that's not what Aemrica is and thats Communism Give me a break. This country is being runby anyone but Americans Thieve liars courrupt politicians We even have foreigners sittigninpositions of our government. i ahve told you for decades to STOP votign for Reps and Dems and yet You just cant get past your own egos and stop playing the my candidate can beat up your candidate. They want to keep you divided so they can control you When will you learn you dont vote fote President You vote for apolitical party puppet Take back america and Vote Idnependent across the board Blindside them all and We'll take America back. Keep votignout the last man inoffice and change them every four years and maybe we can gtet the American Dream back For those of you who dont know what that is Its a good fair job a home a couple of cars and a retirement that will take care of your family when your gone That is all goen now because of Big Business Big Oil UNIONS and the corruption in Washington. I'm asking you ONE TIEM Just this one time Everyone vote independent and more candidates will get political monies to run for prresident. As it stands now only the rich can be prersidents and only the Reps and Dems have been in the White House since 1792 The onyl question is now Do you try this or do you act and continue to be jsut liek before and say This guy did this That guy did that Vote for my candidate he/she is the best. none of them are any good and if you continue this way you are in for four more years of HELL
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    • Curtis Rowland Jeanie. The reason most people are losing there homes is because under direction of Barney Frank, who over saw Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they were given loans that they never could afford in the first place. Some would call this buying votes. Ask any mortgage broker and they will tell you what was really going on.
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    • Curtis Rowland Does anyone recall what happenned in Communist China when there people protested there government? They were run over by tanks and mowed down with AK 47"s. Tell these protesters that want "death to capitalism" that its because of our democratic capitalistic society they haven't been run over by tanks or mowed down with M 16's.
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    • Bobby Capps Thats a little extreme Curtis That is not going to happen here and is more of a scare tactic Claiming somone is communist has been a scare tactic in America since the 40's Why do you believe that these people are against you? They are fighting for people in America These big businesses are manopolizing the world to get richer But the rest of the world is losing everything they have. The Occupiers want a fair government with realistic fair equality and jobs for all. This idea of Big business controling your government is all about them Just liek the Unions Why do you think the world is in such bad shape. Communism means Kyle can't play his harmonica inpublic is that what you say is going to happen if we dont get this country back where it is supposed to be? Im really tired of people throing that word around or any other thoughts in order to scare people into believing that theya re right. This country was runnign great until Richard Nixion showed them Its OK to cheat the people of this world. Aftet that Jimmy Carter protectign the Shaw of iran Then on and on till we are where we are today. Are younot concerned that BP ruined the Gulf They are drilling stealingour oil and harging us at the same time wiping out our aquatic life and jobs. This government is allowing illegals and many are losing jobs homes and have no food Kids have not school choices but to be in over crowded classes by illegal aliens kids. Today legal residents have to wait in line for days to get their kids in kindergarden. Big Business has runined this world and the only ones living high onthe hog are them because Iknow your not a millionaire. Yous hould rethink the tactics Jsut ebcause We proest doesnt make us communist it makes us Americans joinging together saying Enough is enough Dived we fall United we stand America has been divided by Reps and Ems and big business is backing both of them against US
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    • Janelle D. Snyder I am sorry to see that there is so much "flaming" re: the protestors. Making crude remarks should be left to the likes of the it left or right ,who make generalizations about political and social advocacy." The occupiers are developing a platform and it is reasonable as has been mentioned in previous posts. Do any of the flamers know their platform? Geez...even Savage says there is no free market so it IS possible to build bridges. To make enflaming remarks (eg: calling someone an "idiiot" or focusing on one sign is problematic in many ways, for instance, it discourages any real debate about real issues. Violence, be it economic, psychological or religous, begets violence.
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    • Steve Foster Corporations running elections is left wing spin, just untrue.. corps give to the right and left to be sure, while unions (read corporations) pour money into the coffers of the left. These protestors are not pro America, at least the organizers are not, and they sure as hech do not have any intention of trying to return America to what it "used" to be. That erroneous info and I won't let it go unchecked. The protestors are many splinter groups with nothing to do (after all, they "are" there, aren't they?) including those who want to smoke weed and play in drum circles. By and far, thiese people bring to mind the old Russian term of endearment "usefull idiots". I understand they (the occu pies) did a lot of vadalism last night in Oakland, that helps everybody, right?
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    • Steve Foster Janelle: Asking the so called "flamers" if they know the "occu-pies" platform is kind of a hoot.. I've seen numerous runs of film footage of reporters ask the pies what their platform was and clearly saw a large percentage of replies that were comically pathetic, embaeeassing.. Don't project false images of what you wish it was onto what it sadly isn't. I'm gonna go buy someone breakfast :-)
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    • Bobby Capps I agree with you Janelle but the issue is not what you are saying online. People are tired and angry outthere about what is really truly going on. Curtis is proving he is a real American By standing up and voicing his opinion along withthe rest of us. FB has given a voice to the peopel of the world. I have seen your arguement many times over and over. The problem is is that Some body came up withthe term politically correct which is turning people half way into valley girls selfish self center. They already know whom ever is put in office is going to cheat us all. So all they ahve left is My candidate is better than yours. Its a strange phenominom that occurs just liek drug addiction It increases allt he goodies in your body you liek that give you a charge Then in the end it wears off and you crash. I'm just asking people to step back and look at the BIG picture. I defend the people who stand up to be free and not be taken an advantage of in their lives. Some of them go as far as to learn allt he cool political jargina nd use every word they have learned in order to justify how right they are. Simple question If your car is broekn and you keep bringing it to the same mechanic charging you over 500 bucks each visit but he doesnt repair it. Do you keep bringing your vehicle back to him or find a new mehcanic? You can not afford a new car. I'm saying if you look at the path of destructionin this country since it started All of it was produced by The Democratic Party and Republican Party. The big and the rich have made it so only their people can be inthe white House by paths of Mudslining Money and Power. Once in they sold you down the river for a big fist full of cash They are destroying the environment lost all our jos allow peopel to run rampid in America taking allt hejobs then protesting against you They hand allt he other countries your money and yet millions of homes jobs vacations pensions and every piece of self respect and decency is goen out of America. The oneperson whom everyone believes did well just stole that from the environment. Then he went on to lie to the Supreme Court for cigar sex ont he oval office desk. Since Nixon this country has goen down hill and the Democrats adn republicans are a part of it. If I was Kyle Rowland whom Ilove this kids courage and conviction, I would start doing Vote Independent Across the board parties Kyle would be an overnnight success. Saaying He doesn't want to live in a free America that's only free for Reps and Dems. VOTE INDEPENDENT and blindside them Then we tellt he independents Your going to do the people's bidding or out you go. Today Independents do not get federal election funding because you must have at least 6 % of the vote to qualify. Kyle along steppignup doing concerts would rocket him inthe news and could get WE THE PEOPLE back in America. If we dotnlearn from our mistakes We tend to repeat them. Since 1792 Only Dems and Reps have been inthe White House Look at the path of destruction Invasions wars crash Recessions allt he way down to todays muisery. in order to win You have to give up. You have to give up your own beliefs that you actually have say inthis system. because if only you and I and Curtis voted Someone from their party still gets in with a majority of votes. I want an American in our White House in Every job No foreigners No Dems No Reps Rock on Kyle Rowland I hope you see this message and can't decide for your self who we should eb for BP or Americans. And a child shall lead them! Insanity is defined as committing the same offense twice and expecting a different outcome ~Albert Einstein~ Do we vote them back in again or do you and I and Curtis and Kyle and all the rest of the real Americans joinhands and tell them to get their shit and GET OUT? Agree or disagree with myw ords makes you and American addinginsult because you are caught up inthe game makes you all the abd words Right?
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    • Janelle D. Snyder Steve, I wouldn't assume anything about the protesters. And I wouldn't assume anything about their platform. Have you read it? Do you know if one has been executed? What points do you agree with and disagree with? Are there any points you think can be used to build bridges? Steve, knee jerk reactions and derogatory remarks about those that we don't agree with is problematc in many, many ways. In the least, it disencourages individuals from talking about very real issues. Also, it reflects badly on organizations that one is affiliated with...
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    • John Mckeever Everything you guys have said is great. But in simple terms these people only want one thing, socialism. This would be the death of America. There would no longer be the American dream. The dream exists because of capitalism. As for those greedy ass NBA players, you know what, they are payer millions of dollars to play a GAME! A GAME! If you don't like it I will gladly trade places and this greedy basketball can haul fuel, work his ass off for 2% of what he makes on the court! If they want more of the profits the players should start a new league and be owners... Oh wait, then they themselves will become the money hoarding owners! Damn it! Instead of thanking God and being thankful for being drafted and getting to be an NBA superstar.........well you get my point... I don't have an answer for the corruption in our government, but socialism is not they way!
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    • Janelle D. Snyder Bobby, I read your post. I didn't really say what I think the problem is in America except to say in a roundabout way that I think the process for discussing the problem(s) that is usually employed by people sucks. I believe that we should look for those things that we agree with and try to build from there. Of course I understand that people are angry...who isn't?...but flaming doesn't create any real discussion does it? Dogmatism doesn't produce any real discussion does it? And without real discussion very little gets least when the issue(s) are of real importance. I think listening to others is really important. I'd love to hear more from you re: your perspective and I would trust that you would be willing to listen to me.
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    • Janelle D. Snyder John: Can you please define socialism and explain what the correlation is between the protestors and socialism?
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    • Bobby Capps Im sorry Jhn but the American Dream is not available for the Real Americans Only the Rich. The unemployment is up and even the Mexicans are leavign California to work in other states. You are so right about sports The idea any of thema re worth 500,000 per year is rediculous. I dotn think the people want Socialism as much as they want the people whom are runing their lives to stop You can be easily swayed by media to believe what you think is going on. I have been watching protests since the early sixties and one thing has always prevailed They are all peaceful until the cops get there or some people get drunk and start amob mentality. Noone is going to win regardless as long as we keep playing their game. As for Sports HIGH 5 ont hat call. Capitalism is greed The American Dream is a peaceful life where your kids grow up with ours Moms cooking dinner Dad just pulled inthe driveway and this week we leave on our vacation for the lake withthe new boat. Why because our families have health care and my kids college is paid for. That's the American Dream. Capitalism is Squeezing every last ounce of dolalrs out of the peope by controlling their thoughts moves monies jobs and soon to be food. They wanted to tax peopel for ahvign back yard gardens and ow have sterilize the fruits so we cant get the seeds for next years crop or pay outrages prices for 10 tomato seeds. Ive watch this coming for 40 years. People are tired of being used as slaves Looka t Libya They were tired of the brutal dictatorship Is ay Good for them. its going around to other countires. people have had enough of the governments controlling and spying on us
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    • Bobby Capps I did mention political jargin didnt I?
      11 hours ago ·
    • Janelle D. Snyder John and Bobby: What is the American dream by the way? Or put another way, what is YOUR American dream? I'm really interested and what you see as "our" priorities (America's) and your priorities specifically. I want the freedom of speech & assembly, access to health care that is affordable (how that would be determined is up to debate), own a home... access to education (have you seen how much is charged for college books????), and the list goes on.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Bobby Capps Keep voting for the Reps and dems and then ask yourself Why? Once again! You can't continue to do the same thingover and over and thenexpect it to be fixed over the Internet. You have to change if you want it changed SIMPLE. The American Dream issue is Moot!
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    • Janelle D. Snyder Dang Bobby. How come you won't answer any direct questions...what WAS the American dream. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE your energy, but I rest my case...there is no dialogue, only monologue. My question wasn't a trick question...I was merely trying to focus the conversation. Ok, hats off to Curt for allowing us a forum to express ourselves and maybe you and I will meet at some date since we're both friends of Curt's. Take care and power to ALL the people.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Bobby Capps That's the problem You cant see the forest through the trees! I told you in the beginning Your caught up in the game and all you want to do is debate! As you said and I clearly said before Your getting a charge out off the energy by endorphins. THAT is the game you are caught up in So in saying that I am not answering anymore of what you want because I do not wish to be your siphon or be a part of the game and You can't seem to understand that For the last time THE AMERICAN DREAM is MOOT It is NOT and offering by the government but something you work for to get. It has been stolen End of story. The American dream is not a factor of how to fix whats wrong Good day!
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    • Janelle D. Snyder Bobby: Tried to send you a message personally but couldn't for some reason. I have no interest in debate. I do have an interest in discussion. There is a big difference. Thanks for all of your work...again, I love your energy.
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    • David Wright Curtis your statement hits the nail on the head, it's amazing how many RED DIAPER DOPER BABIES are out there who good old LENIN (not John Lennon) called USEFUL IDIOTS....!!!!!
      11 hours ago ·
    • Janelle D. Snyder David: what's a red diaper doper baby? What are their beliefs? What do you disagree with that they advocate?
      11 hours ago ·
    • Janelle D. Snyder Ok, this has been really interesting. Thanks everyone for the opportuity to peak inside Curt's friends minds...and again, thanks for the opp Curt. I really have to go get ready for an appt.
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    • Steve Foster Janelle, I would politely ask you to Google the term "useful idiots" and Wiki will have it. It's an old political term with history behind it that came to mind when discussing occu-pies. Thank you for the civil discussion, you're obviously a very nice person, and we can use all those we can get!! :-)
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    • John Mckeever
      ‎@ janelle: the American is the right to do exactly what has been done by the wealthy. The pursuit of wealth and prosperity. The right to achieve as your heart desires. These people have no desire to try. You have been blinded by society. J...See More
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    • John Mckeever For those of you who used to be hippies. I meant no offense. Peace man.
      10 hours ago ·
    • Shannon Burt-Guenthner I'm going to be at that protest this weekend. You should come joins us. I'll even make you your own sign. :) It would be such a better place if the top 1 % was didn't rule all. Oh & don't forget Obama for 2012!!!!!
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    • Steve Foster Give the one percents money to the 99 and odds have it it'll go back to the top.. ponder that..
      8 hours ago ·
    • Shannon Burt-Guenthner You guys type a lot & use really big words.
      8 hours ago ·
    • Shannon Burt-Guenthner Naw the 99% will just blow the money on stupid stuff & ask for more.
      8 hours ago ·
    • Steve Foster OK, then where will it comes from? Margaret Thatcher said, "The problem with socialism is that you run out of other peoples money".
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    • Kenneth Marchese
      The US is not perfect. But remember its the best free country in the world.. Remember? Look how socialism works for Greece. In this country u have the freedom to smoke pot in high school get a average or below average education and make jus...See More
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    • Steve Foster The occu pie crowd is showing the lack of respect they have for themselves by showing a lack of respect for their neighbors.. They love spewing this 99% crap, but they sure as heck don't speak for me, or represent how I feel about America.
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    • Jeanie Larson
      Curtis, while there were some bad loans that were provided, it wasn't because of the left or the right. It was because of Wall Street greed and the fact that they made money on the loans when they failed and when they didn't. It isn't as ...See More
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    • Jeanie Larson I am the 99% - and I have a job, pay more taxes than Exxon and Bank of America COMBINED. And, I donate to charities, support our veterans, love my country and have served my country (yes, I am a veteran), and served it again on assignment at the White House. I am an American, and I am the 99%!
      2 hours ago ·
    • Curtis Rowland
      I really was just pointing out the banner in the crowd and how we all should be disturbed by that. I have something else to say about the occupiers in Oakland. Because of there actions at...See More
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    • Kenneth Marchese
      ‎99%?? according to the IRS the top 1%(the filthy rich) pay 37% of all the federal taxes, the top 5% pay 57%, the top 10% pay 68%, the top 25% pay 85% of total taxes. And the bottom 50% of americans only pay 3%... The rich pay most of the t...See More
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    • Steve Foster
      Jeanie, ir's a toral falsehood that it's not the gov.. the lefts shining star of mediocrity Barney Frank and his criminal associate Christopher "Countrywide" Dodd insisted by threat and political mandate that the banks loan money to people ...See More
      about an hour ago ·
    • Kyle Rowland I think I'm just going to run for president....
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    • Steve Foster What about those girls you've been seducing on the dance floors?
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    • Steve Foster Are you denying it?
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    • Steve Foster Well?
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    • Steve Foster I'm "Caining" you :-)
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    • Kyle Rowland hahahah sorry i was reading all these comments lol those women will be apart of my cabinet!!!! haha
      about an hour ago ·
    • Jeanie Larson
      A bigger problem than what banks loaned the people is what the government gave the banks to bail them out - $17 Trillion dollars - and a big chunk going to foreign banks. And those on the Fed Reserve are the bankers who screwed it all up A...See More
      about an hour ago ·
    • Steve Foster
      There was no 17 trillion dollar bailout, what are you talking about? And the bailout that "did" happen was approved by the government, not bankers.. Controls and regulations by the giovernment is what caused the mortgage crisis.. Again, wha...See More
      59 minutes ago ·
    • Soup McGee
      The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to free...See More
      46 minutes ago · ·
    • Steve Foster Implicit in these readings, Soup, is that it be peaceful and lawful.. guess that's not the case.. too bad, but I saw it coming, pretty predictable wasn't it?
      42 minutes ago ·
    • Curtis Rowland Soup. The first amendment does not mean people can break windows and spray paint peoples businesses. Also what about all the people that lost wages do to the closure of the Port of Oakland. Are they not protected under the first amendment? Do they not have the right to go to work? I believe there protection under the constitution was violated yesterday.
      39 minutes ago ·
    • Steve Foster Damn right they were. These "occu pies" are violating "normal" citizens rights with their disregard for the law and plain old common decency (like not defecating on sidewalks).
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    • Soup McGee
      ccupy Oakland protesters pitch in for cleanup

      California Beat
      San Jose Mercury News - 5 hours ago
      By JASON DEAREN AP OAKLAND, Calif.—Dozens of people who participated in a massive anti-Wall Street demonstration returned Thursday to help c...See More
      KTVU TV 2 is Oakland, California's home for local news, weather and traffic reports, lottery results, and San Francisco sports coverage.
      33 minutes ago · ·
    • Steve Foster Has nothing to do with vandalism and criminal activities. The controllers of the occu pies are telling people to not report sex crimes to the police. People reporting to police about crimes are ran out of the camps.
      32 minutes ago ·
    • Soup McGee
      ALEC Exposed: Rigging Elections | The Nation
      Jul 12, 2011 – A key member of the Corporate Executive Committee for ALEC's Public Safety and Elections Task Force is Sean Parnell, president of...See More
      This article is part of a Nation series exposing the American Legislative Exchan...See More
      31 minutes ago · ·
    • Soup McGee "A letter to Vincent B. Lee, Sergeant of Police, Intelligence.
      1400 S. Lamar St.
      Dallas, Tx. 75215

      ...See More
      This letter is addressed to you, but it will be shared with others. Honestly, I’...See More
      30 minutes ago · ·
    • Soup McGee ‎,"dicks"
      29 minutes ago ·
    • Curtis Rowland Soup. Who you calling "dicks"?
      27 minutes ago · · 1
    • Steve Foster yawn.. I'm soooo tired of this small band of rabble rousers trying to pose with the 99% banner,, so self indulgent.. they sure don't speak for me or hardly anybody I know..
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    • Soup McGee,_Pharmaceuticals,_and_Safety_Net_Programs

      visa etc.
      Thinkprogress: Financiers Of ALEC’s 38th Annual Meeting:
      ...See More
      25 minutes ago ·
    • Soup McGee
      Group of "Americans" to Declare Independence 11-11-11? And What? How? Why? Whoaaa.
      I found this kos piece about Tea Party Nation-- More
      Resolved that: The current administration and Democrat majority in the Senate, i...See More
      24 minutes ago · ·
    • Curtis Rowland Soup. Why are you posting all these links? Everyone that has been posting on this topic have been using there own thoughts and words. What say U?
      22 minutes ago ·
    • Soup McGee

      “At this late date, the individually itemized list of abuses and usurpations would require an encyclopedia of
      unconstitutional offenses to the Republic...See More
      20 minutes ago ·
    • Steve Foster So I guess in cold weather the vandalism is on friends facebook pages.. Nice... no way to win hearts and minds..
      17 minutes ago ·
    • Soup McGee posts my thoughts and -sources-----have you bothered reading them? For example: A dick is someone who will not speak out against secession. Are you a dick?
      17 minutes ago ·
    • Curtis Rowland Soup. I was really hoping for your thoughts on my original posting about that banner in the back ground. The one that says "death to capitalism". That is why I shared it on your wall. A few weeks ago you proclaimed to be a scholar. Well lets hear your intelligent thoughts.
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    • Soup McGee hopes you eventually read them. Are you a dick? A dick is someone who will not speak out against secession.
      15 minutes ago ·
    • Soup McGee posts my thoughts and -sources-----have you bothered reading them? :-/
      14 minutes ago ·
    • Steve Foster The daily kos? C'mon man.. really?
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    • Soup McGee
      Steve Foster So I guess in cold weather the vandalism is on friends facebook pages.. Nice... no way to win hearts and minds..
      6 minutes ago · LikeCurtis Rowland Soup. I was really hoping for your thoughts on my original posting about that b...See More
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    • Soup McGee Willful ignorance is painful to watch. calling me a liar?--Steve Foster The daily kos? C'mon man.. really?
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      9 minutes ago ·
    • Soup McGee If you are not against this, fuck you, dick. Clear? ?
      “I’m on strike!” - Ellis Wyatt, from the end of the movie Atlas Shrugged, Part ...See More
      6 minutes ago · ·
    • Soup McGee if you wanna be against something un-American, how 'bout this illegal contract? solidarity
      4 minutes ago ·
    • Soup McGee ‎,
      4 minutes ago ·
    • Soup McGee ‎'"learn not to tempt me."
      3 minutes ago ·
    • Steve Foster Soup, I will take down my snide reference to your citing the daily kos as a source, it's up to you what you read, but I consider communisn to be a completley failed experiment. I won'r communicate with you at all, you are rude and vulgar. Sorry, good luck to you..
      3 minutes ago ·
    • Soup McGee too late stephen, saved it!
      News and resources for protesters attending the mass demonstration on Wall Street against financial greed and corruption<​/title>
      about a minute ago · ·
    • Steve Foster Whatever.. Good night Soup.. be well..
      a few seconds ago ·

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  1. Curtis Rowland I guess I shouldn't have shared this to your wall Soup. I didn't do it to support your blog or anyone else's. Was just hoping for a straight up comment. I will now remove you ignor anus postings.
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    Steve Foster Curtis, an option is to leave them so people see how these people act.. It's the classic self indilgent drivel that is on display when these folks don't like the conversayion..
    2 minutes ago · Unlike · 1
    Soup McGee chuckle. Are you for or against secession?hmmm?
    Soup's Auntie OxyMoron: Scholar- Person with Aptitude for Study..A Dick is Someone for Secession-tho How did Christian ph...See More
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