Friday, November 4, 2011

From "Apostle Claver-Kamau-Imani's" FB Page- Some of What My Wife Thinks--

If you are black in this country and believe in or follow the teachings or preachings of the cat then you are surely mis guided and we'd rather you be on the other side of the fence anyway. And if you're white in this country and like this fool, he's what you're looking for anyway, A SPINELESS, BACK STABBING UNCLE TOM, who I'd just assume spit at when he comes crawling back to us looking for forgiveness WHEN HIS GOP MASTER STAB YOUR ASS IN THE BACK! Glad you're over there!
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    • Paul Flowers If you know history you know that in 1964 the democrats were the holdouts on the civil rights bill, you would also know that the kkk was largely made up of democrats. In my lifetime democrats have been in control of congress for 45 years years of the 57 i have been on this earth yet you still complain about the same things. so what has the democrat party done for you? i will answer that for you they have enslaved your mind to the point that anyone that disagrees with you is an uncle tom or racist. I would like to encourage you to listen a little closer to the real message and that message is that the people are tired of these same old rantings of the democrat party , racism is alive and well in the democrat party
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    • Derrick Myles No doubt there is racism in both parties! Your history lesson is valid, but only as far as history is concerned. But I and people like myself are concerned abt today, and today what we hear from the GOP are ideas that will keep US as a people in the hole we currently are in. Racist in the dem. party sure, but like always with my people we are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils and from where we sit that's not the republican party. I would invite you to come spend a year or two living in our communities for no less than a couple of years and see if your point of view changes in the slightest.
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    • Paul Flowers I grew up with your people derrick, we were sharecroppers working the cotton and tobacco fields with the black folks ,i know what it is to go without with me being one of twelve children. I came from the ghetto.I am in construction work and i discuss these issues with many of my black friends, i find that most of them are actually conservative in their views but they vote democrat. when i point out to them that they are more in line with the conservative point of view most of them grudgingly agree. I am a conservative but noone in my circle of friends hates anyone because of race and when you really think about it Derrick you come to realize that democrats have made a great living by dividing the people. I am a working man just trying to get through life without making trouble for others lets not let these politicians destroy who we are by seeking to build their power based on divisiness.
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    • Danny Mathis notice how he says "your people". And they say racism is dead in the GOP. News Flash: Just because Cain is running in the primary doesn't excuse the fact that most people in the GOP are racist scum whose families are the ones who ran the plantations and enslaved black people in the first place. Paul, you didn't come from the ghetto, you are a privileged white man who doesn't know the ghetto from the suburbs. The fact that we are white makes up inherently privileged. You had more chances than even the richest black kid based solely on your genetics. So don't act like you know.
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    • Paul Flowers dont you tell me where i came from you punk i know where i came from and your white ass would have never survived living the life i lived . come down south and i'll educate you
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    • Danny Mathis l grew up and still live in gastonia/charlotte. And is that a threat? Watch yourself. I know how you conservative republican white men have to resort to violence when faced with an intellectual argument that proves you're wrong. Go to bed you pathetic redneck.
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    • Eban Williams DixieCrats are not Democrats
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    • Paul Flowers its obvious you are a product of the dumbed down generation danny boy
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    • Danny Mathis dumbed down generation? I could do calculus in circles around you. I am more informed and intelligent than you could possibly think of being. Don't be ashamed of your southern ass backwards education. Grab a book. It's never too late...well maybe it is for you. I feel sorry for you.
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    • Derrick Myles You sound like a man who is knowledgeable, and open minded as well. I don't doubt your upbringing nor your relationships with black people. Im not as old as you are, nor have I witnessed as much as you have. But what I have noticed is that when republicans are in office people seem to lose jobs, homes, money. True Obama is in his 3rd year but what I see is EVERY attempt the man had made to do something to TRY and help our struggling economy it's rejected by every single republican. I can understand if the two parties have differences, but EVERYTHING THE MAN TRIES! To not put forth any of the man ideas to at least try and change things for the better is ridiculous, and quite frankly plain mean spirited. At least if some Obama bill get passed and it doesn't work it's on him and we can try something new at that time. But to not pass any of his proposed policies means we are stuck with things being the way they were when Bush was in office, as if Obama never was in office. Which means we are basically still in his era! I too am in the construction game, and have been out of work going on 6 months now. This is a direct result from policies began when W was in office. It's incredibly hard to see your point when our people piece of the American dream more often than not is a nightmare!
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    • Danny Mathis For the record: If this dude paul flowers wouldn't have trolled on my post and personally insulted me FIRST, I would have never said the things I have said. I am ashamed that I stooped so low and Paul, I apologize. We are all entitled to our own opinions. I just think it is tacky to personally insult each other based on opposing political views.
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    • Derrick Myles Your people doesn't offend me personally. You know! We are of different races that's a fact, but there is nothing wrong with that. What's wrong is when an intelligent meeting of the minds can't be had, and reason cant find a place at the table to just conversate! Cuz as far as I'm concerned if should all be able to talk at least!
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    • Derrick Myles Cuz as far as I'm concerned we should all be able to talk at least!
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    • Danny Mathis i agree, but if you scroll down and read a post I wrote and saw what Paul said to me, then you would notice that he had no intention of conversation, he just wanted to get a reaction out of me and I shouldn't have let it get to me, but I did. I am only human. I can only try to be more tolerant of people that only want to argue and try to discredit my views.
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    • Hood Mauermann Derrick, you lost the arguement from your first post. Name calling will not get you any credeance. Why do you resort to calling Mr. Claver an Uncle Tom??? Why can't you think for youself???
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    • Derrick Myles Facts are facts.
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    • MY WIFE!!!!! Paul Flowers, while your history lesson is a fascinating case study of right wing revisionism, I will remind you that between (approximately) 1948 and 1968, the Republican and Democrat parties saw a 180 degree shift in demographics. And this was as a result of the civil rights movement. Southern Democrats (ie: Strom Thurmond) were still caught up in segregation and opposition to civil rights, while Northern Democrats - who outnumbered the southerners - voted to include civil rights in the party's platform. Over the course of the 20 or so years, any Democrat still opposed to civil rights switched to the Rebublican party, where they still are today. Strom Thurmond, the FORMER Democrat, died a Republican. Ron Paul, who claims to be a Libertarian but is running as a Republican candidate, would not have voted for civil rights and worse, operates on an assumption that 95% of black males are criminals ("Given the inefficiencies of what D.C. laughingly calls the `criminal justice system,' I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal."). His son, Rand Paul, follows a very similar philosophy and supports a business' right to discriminate based on skin color (he thinks private business should be excluded from the civil rights act). Sarah Palin, the racist-sexist, called Obama "Sambo" and Hillary Clinton a "bitch." Michele Bachmann thinks life was better for black people when they were slaves. I could go on, but this member of "the dumbed-down generation" must return to maintaining my 3.975 GPA, working to support my family, volunteering to better my community... oh, yeah, and being a wife and mother.
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    • Soup McGee ‎,"have fun! see you laters, haters!"
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