• The President should give his state of the economy tonite @1/2 time of the Saints vs Titans NFL game?
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  • In the next 2 hours the govt. Will announce vital numbers on current manufacturing output. Where the numbers land, will announce if the country is in a double dip recession or just barely dodging the "Bullit?"
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  • Al Sharpton's new MSNBC political program last Monday night will be interesting for people that strip old varnish off dining room tables, the show's sponcer is a little shaky: Rosie ODonnel's Hot Bikini Wax System, Inc. Al will be competing in the same time slot with US Representive Maxine Waters: her program*** "Everyone But Me, Is a White Teaparty Racist."
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  • I'm thinking NBC needs new prime time situation comedy program for the fall: "Communist Cuban Juggling Cigar Makers"
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  • ‎"If You Ever, Have Forever on Your Mind"*** Vince Gil
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  • Al Gore admonishes those against global warming as equal to racism to Blacks. Guess I'm "weak" minded; I don't get "IT?"
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  • The Texas Aggies want out of The Big 12; they're gone by 2012 season. SEC says NO; where do they go; PAC 10? That's a long drive for the "12th man" to see away games!
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  • We're in the midst of a horrific county sheriff political race. Being elected sheriff in a Louisiana parish is equal to being a 25 star Army general or one**Marine Corp Srgt. Major with 4 reenlistment stripes!!!!
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  • Mr. Obama will only get to address both Houses of Congress next week on his "jobs plan" on the night opposite NFL- Saints vs Packers; instead of an off night? I suggest He give the speech during the 1/2 time of the game! Give a tax credit for beer and snacks served that 15 minutes; I need to be a political advisor for the Whitehouse?
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  • Seeing all the infrastructure ruin in "Irene's" aftermath: rebuilding jobs should drop unemployment 4-5%. To bad the early "Tarp" $ billions were spent on govt. expansion by the administration; at least now, govt. spending will be producing viable "concrete" substance!!!
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      • John Brian Simpson TARP was the last major ripoff of the American public of the BUSH Administration, not the Obama Administration. A large part of it was about enabling Goldman Sachs to get rid of their major competitors. If Cantor's home state of Va. had suffered major damage from Irene, he would be singing a much different tune about FEMA! There is something very pervy about this guy, and it is not about politics!
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      • Jared Reeves Tarp was on the Bush term; rewarded big banks for stealing!
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  • Tyler friends: have you visited or sent flowers to Mormon sect leader Warren Jeffs in ETMC Hospital-Tyler? He's in critical condition. He likes sweet potato pies and blue berry pound cake, hint!
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      • Casey Scurlock We've met a couple of women who were trapped in plural marriages from that part of Utah / Arizona. Not happy people! Generally, very abused physically, sexually, and mentally. Recovery is difficult. A normal life is almost impossible.
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      • John Brian Simpson
        He just was re-elected the head of FLDS in absentia, fighting off a challenge of one of his former supporters! One of the main reasons he was prosecuted was that he and his followers were draining the states of Utah and Arizona of huge amo...See More

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  • Had a pleasant conversation with an atheist on how good it is to be redeemed from sin and uncertainty on "shifting" ground of life, through Jesus. He respectfully told me it's, again a "myth." I told him metaphorically, its really felt exhilarating to "see" him struggling down in the "mire" all alone, when it's just not necessary? Butting your "head" must get frustrating and futile?
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      • Jared Reeves I've discussed the heavenly by and by, with my devoted ole Beagle-Jack, who is deceased; He will be there at the Pearly Gate waiting for me, when it's my time, and I cross over the River.
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      • John Brian Simpson I would much rather see my beloved pets than most of the people I have known in this place. Occam's Razor is a useful philosophical tool for reducing a discussion to its essential points. Here's one for you, Jared: "Whoever brought me here, will have to come and take me home." - Rumi. Personally, I've decided to take a wait and see approach to the question of an afterlife.
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  • I had a wonderful day at work, plying my career-advocation; getting paid to have fun. Hope you FBer friends are so fortunate; only in this Republic can one live out, ones dreams!!! God bless us, "everyone!!!!"
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      • Pam Emory Reeves I loved getting to watch you "in action" today...you are truly a gifted physician! ♥
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      • Casey Scurlock Cool! Neither my bride nor my children understood what I did in my first career. (As an arcane technology specialist)
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  • The Congressional Black Caucus is attacking the Tea Party as racists again. The exact reasons and instances remain flimsy and nonexistent. Real valid examples seem to no longer be necessary or required. The level of the "bar" in being labeled racist, is lowered to simply disagreeing on policy. This is desperation for the small minded; "preaching" to their constituent-voter base? Sad, self demeaning, tripe!
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      • Jared Reeves Anyone who admires WhoDat-edness, is tuned into human dignity and fairness: I salute YOU Adam!!!
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      • Adam WhoDat Hester Not sure about being level headed, I'm just tired of Abba dabba dabba dabba dabba dabba dabba.............
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