Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hi! I'm Soup McGee, We're Related By Blood Through Union. You May Not Know Me, But…

I fight fascists
With facts and words
You can choose to be ignorant, it’s true- that is-
Denial beats bliss.
I hope you Do
Bring your friends.
I got my own list.
My Mission: finding comprehension,
in this Newborn (aged now 24 or so)
American System
(Having been sent to find and
Finding no belief in belief
Or belief of or by believers
Belies faith,
Coerces #s’s
My head-
“We Agree! We are Even!” vs.
“No! God not civilization!”
Rock v. Hydra,
Physically, I must not, I myself Being Me,
I will not fight, just this Reading.
So, first, One Fist Must Necessarily Need Defending)
To with wisdom make shy
sure but forgive first
especially You who would hate me,
Call what I voted for-
Some bled for-
Died for, Are Born For-
All are Here
for “wasteful spending”-
There is only a perverted faith left for me,
in me,
when it comes to
This Wrongly American ‘Humanity’ the ALEC States Have intentionally -
re-branded Internationally. Rotting my "entitlements" and
Subsidizing their "Investments"-
This was no accident, no- This is
Allowed and brought by a willful, Planned
Perpetual dismantling- a sort of
"Quiverfulling" every shared 'sacred' institution
The result of which is to leave us slaves to government and angry about it too-
Leaving us hungry and cold so as to bring us to Jesus-
How Norquist-Abramhoff-Reed of You, Neighbors!
We are soon to be
governed by "God-not-Man-ners",
Ruled as We are
by the Not-so-Secret
Christian Elite...
Militarily, we are made to worship, the
Dismantling and Derision of Education and all labor;
Together, set against each-other,
We Daily Set out to
Use the Business Of Media in Classifying the Saved and the Unsavable.
Sold is our ability to 'as a people"
Govern Our Understanding of Religion and
the role proper of family and government.
Requiring an Impossible Mountain of Polarizing Dogma-
Requiring Action, even if Non-action-
Is War On All Even.<(...)>them

Those sleeping in pre-fab deathtraps beside us,
The Norquislings that claim Jesus while with “No” votes slay 'sheeple'
They eagerly use positions of Power in City
and Local Governments to
Betray me by displaying me-
Attempting to write my destiny for me,
Deciding about you for me
Look at you, wanting to fight me-
Influenced but embarrassed by me-
And my influence on you-
Ashamed, but adoring me-
And so and so on-
Until the onion has fully, finally unraveled and
By your opinions but not alone,
Our Flag Flies tattered.
Hate rages cruel
Your ruins razed, ragged.
I repeat
By their own Golden Rule
As if the business itself not the person matters.
As from the beginning
I was born and adopted into a system that would
Had it believed in me, be therefore
Unnecessary, I do think I am trained
To see through a twisted, tangled
Famed Strange Mixture of Philosophy,
Ideology, and theological need, and may I add, I may,
To somehow remain Blind
and Ignore me,
the people.
This is a Cold Civil War
Against Theocracy.
Shame on You, Silent Christians
Ignoring starving bodies
The America I know
Is thrown up on a pole
With pride in the Brightness of day
left out in the rain in the downfall amid mire.
Yet by Recognition was laid
the Foundation engraved
and those Dying for the Eternal Social Contract.
This Works! America Works! We have always been Our Own
Only We Will Ever Be our Own Solution!
This Freedom Must
Only Last!
Pass on Democracy
or Pass on Democracy!
I ask: Why Vote if you are not being taxed?
Now that the enemy has made himself mainstream-
We either use Non-violence as a rock,
Call ‘em out
Get ‘em hot-
On the record,
Against US, for God-
Call them Disqualified to serve Man
to Their Faces-
or we are even more fucked-
Not for the Divine and Enduring Glory of America
Not for the Mutual Destiny or
the Immortal Fate-
Vote, please, in 2012,
and not for Partisan Advantage
or through Perspective Distorted by Rank
End The Pledge.
Avoid The Theocracy.
Believe what you want, but

Please, sirs and madams-
Don’t Abort My Democracy.

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