Monday, September 2, 2013

The Confederate Congress And The Reactionary Racist Right

I thought about discussing the obvious:  the Middle East (mainly, our ally Israel and how or if America can maintain even a fragile stability in the area), or how Egypt, Yemen, Syria, etc. are driving regional transformation, and into what? No-one can know just yet how Shia and Sunni will move next, or what the Muslim Brotherhood will do next, or how the Lebanon Shias and the Lebanon Sunnis will handle the continuing pressure of refugees flooding their country…but everyone paying attention can feel the drumbeat in their chest by now. There is, amongst the terrible warfare, a tremendous rise in the African economy that may well lead some near generation of Africans to more economic freedom. I am proud of the Baltic States leaving communist Russia, as my ancestral home, Lithuania, lead the way in the early nineties.
But I am truly more concerned with American terrorists as mentioned in the books’ first chapter, the right wing anti government types ideologically-related to McVeigh and the Posse Comitatus/Sovereign Citizen ideology. The advancement of this ideology, often through religious patriotism, into the mainstream of American life is occurring at a breakneck pace. Consider the various arguments should abortion or gun rights come up in conversation between those who disagree. What concerns me is that the ideology held and shared by these men and women who hold such power in our political system- power we have given them- inevitably will lead to tearing down the very democratic institutions that are a necessity to a healthy and functional democracy (voting, trust in the branches of government, trust in checks and balances, diversity of thought and semi-equal stratification of wealth and an ability to achieve, not just a belief in, upward mobility, etc.).
My point is that similar values, language, religion, socialization, education, values and beliefs in what government is and how it ‘should’ be used drive Republican/Conservative voters to make their mark against their own interest and clearly against the best interest of their neighbor. When something as mundane and routine as the Farm Bill does not pass (as recently happened) until food stamps are drastically cut…well, real people die. Fully one-third of food stamps are used on military bases, so how canone 'support the troops' while voting to cut food stamps? Traditional conservative values lead to splintering ideologies, all of them intent on returning sovereign power to the individual entirely and government to their god. This is a common Sovereign Citizen way of thinking, but of course does not constitute that all who think this are Sovereign Citizen domestic-terror types.
We don’t like to think of our actions on voting day as having this effect, but obviously, this power of the purse is the intended effect. Anyone who watched the Republican Circus of Debates last year will have seen the one where the crowd called out ‘Let him die!’ in response to a question about what to do if and when a young man goes from healthy to sick before maturing to the point where he sees medical insurance as a necessity will have had a reaction, I’m sure. Maybe not everyone in the class was as disgusted as I was. We shall see.
Daily, America sees the expansion of power in the racist reactionary insurrectionist right. Look at the recent Voting Rights act decision, or the moves in more than twenty states to make voting in elections even harder via the sudden and heretofore completely unnecessary identification - only specific types, not student id’s- for a clear example of this ideology using institutional racism and intentional falsehoods to hold on to democratic power.
When I vote democrat, I do so knowing and understanding my taxes and fees might go up…and I am ok with that. I want to pay my coin and take my place and do my part and know my role. I do not see government, as some do, as the place where evil is restrained or endorsed, but instead as a simple mechanism of peaceably transferring power. Reince Preiubus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, recently said that his party was the party of god, and ‘there is only one Sovereign god.’ Julian Bond, President of the NAACP, has referred to the ‘followers’ of this ideology as the ‘American Taliban.’ I could not agree more whole-heartedly, and look forward to the discussion this ‘rant’ will hopefully launch.



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