Thursday, May 9, 2013

Momma Took Too Many Vacations, So There Is No Societal Obligation To Pay For Newborn Medical Care...

--So there is a right to life but not a right to health care?

However you feel about Personhood (esp. if you believe that a fetus is a full human being), you have to admit that immediately after birth, that Actual, newly born human being needs to be rushed around the hospital room and then other hospital rooms for various necessary medical procedures...before it can be taken home.

You who say there is no right to health care are saying there is no right for that baby to receive the necessary medical treatment --
and if that mother is not insured?

What then is your position, you who say health care is not part of the commons, not part of the General Welfare...?
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  • Gail Stephen No one had an obligation to provide and pay for your healthcare. It's not a right.....take less vacations and pay for your own.
  • Soup McGee -- so let that baby die, eff it, if momma took too may vacations, too damn bad. Got you down for Kill the Baby, Let It Die. Thanks.

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