Friday, April 5, 2013

Simmering Soup Since March 30

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    Kinism is the belief that the God-ordained social order for mankind is "tribal and ethnic," and focuses on man's duty to "love one's own kind". Kinists advocate the idea that extended families should live together in large groups. They believe the ideal and normative social order for families – and by extension communities, states and nations – is one defined by race and blood, not propositions or borders, and that this natural order forms the proper and lasting bonds of affection and loyalty for any legitimate society.[1] It is considered an offshoot of Christian Reconstructionism that originated among anti-immigration traditionalists in the Southern United States.[2]"
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  2. "Goals

    Theonomists support the applicability of Biblical principles to four spheres of government; self-government or self-control, family government, church government, and state or civil government. Jay Rogers in Theofaq states that Theonomists believe "that civil government is only one sphere of government. In fact, it is not even the most important one. We advocate regeneration first and only then reconstruction. We do not advocate revolution."

    Theonomists support public policy changes in accord with Biblical principles, but see those changes as coming about as a result of, and not the cause of, conversions to Christianity. Many seek a future earthly "Kingdom of God" in which much of the world is converted to Christianity. They cite the numerous scripture passages referring to God's collective judgment upon unrighteous nations and God's blessing upon those rulers and societies heeding His Word as evidence that the presence or absence of Christian values may profoundly influence the rise and fall of nations.

    Although theonomic writers may not always agree on specific policy matters, goals often cited include:[10]

    Elevation of the importance of Biblical case law in the judicial system.
    Importance of civic rule by believers.
    Recovery of a more public and formalized acknowledgment of the sovereignty of God over human government, as they argue was predominant in the American Founding Era."
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  3. Live the dream!
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  5. Bam!
    The San Francisco Giants beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-0 for their 1st win of the 2013 season. Madison Bumgarner was dominate posting a pitching line of: 8 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, and 6 SO. Sergio Romo closed out the game with a perfect 9th to earn his first save of the year. How good did it feel to Beat LA tonight?
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  6. Yep, just reported and blocked for 7 days for this. I guess I better go make a few more FB accounts. This is happening a lot.
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  7. Soup McGee shared a link.
    --studying Calvin...the lectures notes prof promised would be up loaded (the reason we turn off the lights and he keeps saying not to take notes) ... so- +
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  8. -- hey Jennifer Neils....You and yer hecka bizzy life...just a word of encouragement...'cos I feel like you might need it...
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  9. hates when a guy Obviously casing the apartments for one reason or another sees me, I say Hi, he ignores me and sits on my steps. Just. The walk to Tinkus, he was headed down our path, until I reversed and let Ez run on the grass for a minute. He left, slowly. Then, this. Is he still there, five minutes later? Yes. So.

    Well..I got two bats and a kid. Imma be aiight.
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  10. -My teacher gave me 160/200...said he didn't know what my theme was and that I gave no concrete examples of Who was wearing the 'ring' I alleged...well, just goes to prove the point, I say...
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  11. for rands sake soup STFU sometimes...
    That's really damn bad ;)~red
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  12. Eddie Money is making a comeback! I have been asked to play guitar on Eddie Money's 30 year reunion tour! Not my kind of music but a good gig indeed! Playing Saturday Night Live in October! What an interesting road that lies ahead.....
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  13. The picture says it all.

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  14. That makes some solid sense.
    Open your mind. Open your eyes. Open your heart. Anything is possible.

    Spirit Science and Metaphysics
    Spirit Science
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  15. Folks, this is a backyard picture of the Mayflower, AR oil spill on that Exxon pipeline. The local authorities have denied the press access to these areas so few have actually seen the extent of the spill. This picture was taken by a friend's daughter who lives next door to this house. Share this widely!
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  16. "Theonomy (Greek for "God's Law") is the concept that all of the non-ceremonial laws given to Moses and recorded in the Pentateuch (the first 5 books of the Hebrew Scriptures) are binding on people of all nations forever. That means the Old Testament was not done away by Jusus' death on the cross. This is why so many fundamentalists are so adament over the Ten Commandments and ignore the teachings of Jesus in Matthew/Mark/Luke. "
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