Thursday, November 8, 2012

Soup Shares

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    • Bruce Lindner I say we stay here, but send the Teabaggers there. If they can figure out a way to travel at light-speed, they'll be there in two generations. If not, then a few thousand years watching nothing but darkness and reruns of Glenn Beck seems appropriate. Thanks Soup!
  2. --Well, well. Look who suddenly believes in unicorns. Grover Norquist: Why 2012 Election Was Actually Good For GOP (VIDEO)
    Huffington Post - 17 hours ago

    Conservative Grover Norquist joined HuffPost Live Wednesday to explain why he believes the 2012 election actually brought good news for the Republican party.
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  4. Economics and Organized Wealth:
    From the the Austrian School to Neoliberalism.
    Service with a smile.
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  5. OK. So I rubbed it in to one person. I couldn't help it!!
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  6. So, Karl... After your guy's cousin called the state of Florida before anybody else back in '00, setting the stage for handing Bush the White House – and this nation an unmitigated DISASTER, I find it interesting that you challenged a mathe...See More
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  7. (Brad) All hail Dick Morris, the galactic ruler of hack pundits.
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  8. We are grateful for each and every one of you.
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  9. """"""He wanted it to be “different,” and he’s praying for you, America. That is not “gracious.” What it is instead is a pretty typical Romney, a man who would arrogantly refuse to entertain the notion of defeat and then grind in his heels and refuse to accept it for as long as possible."""
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  10. Recreational use of marijuana is legal in my state Soup!
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  13. -- If and when Mitt Romney comes out to concede that will be a peaceable transfer of power. This, of course, is a process that would be impossible absent tax revenue which more than a majority of elected republicans oppose. Now the work begins.
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  14. --Hate, when disappointed, is vengeful.
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  15. Can't run on his record, huh?
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  18. 5 signs at PA polling place: "NO PARKING FOR DEMOCRATS"
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  19. Chris Matthews: ‘Idiots’ vote for ‘numbskull’ third party candidates
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  20. Go Vote!!!!
    California friends....
    Vote away the embarrassingly old-school, costly and brutal California Death Penalty! (yes on 34)
    Vote for a more sensible 3 strikes (yes on 36)
    Vote to help balance our budget in California and help our schools, not to thwart the process (yes on 30; No on 38)
    Vote to know if your food is REALLY natural or not. (yes on 37)
    Vote to prevent billionaire money (Koch B
    ros among others) from basically crushing Unions' ability to stand up against corporate bullies. (vote no on 32)

    Friends across the country:
    Vote Obama. Vote Democrat!

    vote against women... against gays... against the poor... against the middle class.... against health care... against the right to choose.... against Planned Parenthood... against the environment... against new energy... against the better interests of nearly everyone in this country (whether they know it or not).... but make a bunch of billionaires very, very happy! :-)
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  21. Is this an appropriate display for a polling place?

    A church being used as a polling place in Colorado has an anti-abortion message out front in the form of more than 3,000 crosses representing aborted fetuses. Thoughts?
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  23. I know everyone's feeling stressed about the election - I suggest some deep breathing exercises - breathe in...hold the smoke..breathe out
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  24. "It's out of my hands now. It's in yours. All of it depends on what you do when you step into that voting booth tomorrow."

    — President Barack Obama

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