Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Wife's Rebuttal to an Unnamed Veteran on Veteran's Day, 11-11-12

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I am a veteran. I did nothing in my service that I look back and feel proud of myself. The 10-year war is a disgrace to america. There have been scandals around every corner, cover-ups, broken rules of war and laws of humanity, and the millitary has been the biggest unnecessary drain on the economy. I feel more proud of my insignificant 4 months serving the occupy movement, than I do of my USAF service. I know most of you have a fake impression of our service members, and that tv and generational stories of heroism have led you to believe that soldiers are honorable and justly defending our country... but its not true. You probably wouldn't believe the truth if jesus tramp stamped it on you. Fuck it all.
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o ___________________ I cannot say that I can understand what you're saying from your prospective, but thank you for sharing this and god damn it... Thank you for saying this. Nice to hear some truth every once and a while.
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o ____________ I don't claim rights to my quotes or my art.
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o Diana Albright I understand your sentiment, ______, and I respect your perspective. There are certainly things in recent memory that our military has no right to be proud of (Abu Ghraib comes to mind immediately, and I know there are myriad other examples), however I politely offer a counter to the statement you made about "generational stories of heroism": in WWII, my grandparents - natives of the island of Guam - suffered horrific abuses and tragic losses at the hands of the Japanese soldiers who were occupying Guam. My grandmother and grandfather, as they were from different villages, had not met each other yet, yet they each suffered similarly in different "camps" where they were imprisoned. On the day that the US military landed on the shores of the island, my grandfather was in the process of digging a mass grave. Had the Navy not arrived, he would have been laying dead in that grave along with every other Guamanian in his camp. If it had not been for the US military, an entire people would have been annihilated on that day. My grandfather, in a show of gratitude perhaps, shortly thereafter enlisted in the US Navy as a humble cook, where he remained until he retired. He took great pride in his work, and he was a very patriotic man. He was also a very kind man, who often helped other people to his own loss. He never uttered "No" to a person in need.

Unfortunately, war leads to countless tragedies. Some of the biggest tragedies are carried out by members of our military. I do not celebrate them. Not every service member is good, or even well-intentioned. They are just like all of us - some follow blindly, others live for cruelty. They are human. Many that I have known however are neither stupid or cruel. They are GOOD and they really do care about our impact on humanity. I do not think of you, a veteran, as a monster or a murderer. My grandfather certainly was not. I have dear friends, who would give their lives for anyone's right to demonize them or characterize them as other than the well-intentioned people they are. I, personally, am thankful for my grandfather, for you, and for those people.
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