Sunday, January 29, 2012

All With No Credit Check Required!

Weekly Writing Assignment #1                               Your name:
Describe a job in international relations

Go to one or more of the following websites to find a job within international relations.  Describe the position, educational requirements, salary range, skills, and application process.  Type your answers in complete sentences and paragraphs, single-spaced, proper grammar, full-page.  Give as much detail as possible.
I found a job posting for a position as a Director of Political Affairs (D-2) for the United Nations Mission in Libya, in Tripoli. The position is incredibly dense with detail description, both in competencies required and in educational/professional requirements, so here goes:
I would need 15-plus years of progressively responsible experience in diplomacy, preferably in conflict or post-conflict zones, speak Arabic and English proficiently, and have achieved the equivalent of a Masters degree in International Relations, Law, Political Science, or other related fields. The salary is promised to be commensurate with my family situation and experience professionally, and I hope they mean an awful lot of taxpayer dollars, because the demands are dangerous and burdensome.
            I would be expected to report to the Head of the Mission, provide political advice to the Special Representative of the Secretary General, and assemble a number of political development teams, the budget of which I will manage and control, the training and development of which I will oversee, and which through I will develop and maintain good relations with leading individuals of both civic and military society at the central and local levels, as well as other UN actors in the region. I will lead a substantive effort in strengthening the government of Libya by formulating and managing the implementation of the work program of the political affairs component of the UNSMIL, particularly the rights based, gender perspective and conflict prevention aspects. I will provide good offices, foster dialogue, prepare documents and briefings for the Secretary-General’s reports, and all the while prioritize the supervision of collecting analytical materials needed to provide sound assessments regarding the political, social, civic, economic, and other developments that are taking place.
            To do this, I will need to first demonstrate my incredible professionalism, my evaluative and analytical skills, my negotiating skills in bi-lateral and multi-lateral situations, and my visionary techniques in leadership/teamwork. I will show off my conceptual ability to adapt to changing environments, and provide examples of my mediation and resolution abilities. I will establish my record as a manager of performance, with a unique ability to motivate, coach and mentor, and I will commit to the goal of gender balance in staffing.
            To nail the interview, I will first need to apply online at (vacancy announcement: 12-POL-UNSMIL-TRIPOLI-425546-R-TRIPOLI ), and as always with the UN, I will keep in mind that currently serving staff members will be given preferential treatment in the hiring process.  Luckily, the UN does not check credit or banking history. , ,

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