Friday, July 25, 2014

Soup Let You Go Because You Are An Asshole, And An Idiot At That

Soup McGee shared a link.
"As the Sentencing Project noted in its 2010 analysis, there were nearly 5.85 million Americans who were restricted from voting—600,000 more than its research in 2004. That included 4 million already out in the community and completely barred from political participation. But a 2012 voter-turnout study by the George Mason University Elections Project found more than 6.8 million Americans combined who were either in prison, on probation, on parole or completely ineligible to vote because of felony convictions."
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  • Botched Resignation sure let's extort, threaten violence or otherwise buy the votes of those already in the grips of fighting to maintain their own integrity as human beings. because that is certainly possibility. who will benefit by this most? think of it. these non-violent prisoners are locked up and in the hands of their jailers as well are those that have recently been released still under the thumb of that state and it's correctional institutions. which way do you think one will be encourage to vote? look at the political bent of the communities most of these prisons are located in, especially private institutions. if you are on parole or probation, the officers of that court can violate you for the smallest infraction and you're back inside. it places prisoners, some of whom are in the direst of circumstance, in a much more dangerous position. get off your own asses and do the compassionate thing yourselves on their behalf.
  • Botched Resignation talk about not giving a damn about your fellow human beings. now you want to ask someone that is locked up in your jails to do something for you; and for what in return? does that matter? cause it sounds like buying votes to me...
  • Soup McGee - yes or no- should felons be allowed to vote in all elections? Yes? No?
  • Botched Resignation our citizens that are no longer in the grips of the state for past crimes, yes as for the others the risk of fraud and coercion is too great.
  • Soup McGee i know how you loathe to read...however, try this on for size:
    While the State exists, there can be no freedom. When there is freedom there wil... See More
  • Botched Resignation i understand this Soup and you're making sense. but let me ask you a question. are you a man? if the answer is yes, then let me assure you that inside, there is someone specific to the task of changing your mind. like a job.
  • Soup McGee have you ever done more than a weekend? If so, feel free to speak about 'inside.' What I witnessed while in Youth Prison was rape and torture not someone 'specific to the task of changing your mind.' Not at ll. No-one, in fact. Are you a man? If the answer is yes, consider what I have written a more deeply.
  • Botched Resignation i have and have...
  • Soup McGee - what the the Administrative position of the person whose job it was "to the task of changing your mind. like a job?"
  • Botched Resignation look Soup, i know you want this and i would like for this to be a reality, however, i am aware of the syndicated close knit communities that exist in every society, inside and out. so, for the sake of those less fortunate than you and i, let's not pretend.
  • Soup McGee #whatever. When I have parolees registering to vote, don't fight me is all I ask.
  • Botched Resignation fight you? this is discourse and i don't feel that you've fully thought this thing through. i understand wanting to be cool. who doesn't? i gave that up...
  • Soup McGee thinks my professor thinks I thought it through. Thinks my advisers think I've thought it through. That's why I got an A for the paper, and an in the class.You don't think the incarcerated should have a say in how tax dollars are spent? Why not? COERCION? FFS. You ever see someone get raped during your time?I did, and I don't think unless people tell that story, things like VOTING RiGHTS are possible to discuss.
  • Soup McGee - yeah, I' the COOL guy on campus, the 37 year old returning student conducting panels on prisonlife. #riiiiight#lostcause
  • Botched Resignation you got an A huh? lol good on you...
  • Soup McGee ^^^and that was the end of that.^^^^^^^
  • Botched Resignation you wish, and everybody who is "somebody" says do it. you'd be a fool. lol see, i don't get mine from books or channeling from other's experiences as you do. this is real and as they have said, "tell that punk there's some marketable bitch in that ass, he just don't know it but i can find it." for real man, you don't know me...
  • Botched Resignation you let me go as a contact for an opposing opinion based on the understanding that without prison reform this liberty will never be realized even to the minimum standard. there is much more to consider first before the path of least resistance. anyone incarcerated will do almost anything to get out.
  • Soup McGee let you go because you are an asshole, and an idiot at that.

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