Saturday, October 5, 2013

Soup's Wife Don't Mess Around

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Please pray for Shawna: Lord give her favor with clients of Planned Parenthood today.
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  • Soup McGee sure hope everyone gets their mammary exam and pelvic exam without being harassed about abortion! Amen.
  • Elijah Cherkez What is the purpose of pelvic and mammary exam? (short answer please)
  • Diana Albright Pelvic exams check for abnormalities in the cervix and uterus which could indicate or lead to cervical and/or uterine cancer. Mammary exams check for abnormalities in the breasts which could indicate or lead to breast cancer.

    Planned Parenthood provides these important preventive health services on a sliding scale to women who may not have access to these medical services elsewhere.
  • Sohlnet Yes and they destroyed the lives of 300,000 unborn human beings last year alone. Planned Parenthood is the number one abortion provider in the world. As long as Planned Parenthood continues to pit mothers against their offspring(fetus) and intentionally kills innocent human beings we will expose their evil acts and attempt to rescue mothers and children outside Planned Parenthood.
  • Diana Albright Elijah asked, I answered. You folks have your agenda, and you're welcome to it - although your ridiculous analogies and false equivalencies and questionable sources of information are suspect. But Planned Parenthood also provides 585,000 pelvic exams and 640,000 mammary exams, saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of women who have already been born.See Translation
  • Sohlnet We oppose mothers hiring Planned Parenthood to kill their children. I'm sorry Diana that is so hard for you to understand.
  • Soup McGee loves your gentle spirit.

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