Thursday, August 16, 2012

Soup, Before And After The Fall

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      • Soup McGee
        ‎'Sovereign citizen' disturbs Spokane court
        Sacramento Bee - 2 hours ago

        SPOKANE, Wash. -- A man accused of driving without a legal license plate refused to cooperate at his court appearance Wednesday in Spokane.
        'Sovereign citizen' distu
        rbs Spokane court
        The Columbian - 1 hour ago

        SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - A man accused of driving without a legal license plate refused to cooperate at his court appearance Wednesday in Spokane.
        New York Daily News

        'Sovereign' citizen's busted in faxed death threat to bank officer
        New York Daily News - Aug 8, 2012

        The bank officer reported the threatening fax to the feds, as well as Chungs claim in an earlier telephone conversation that he was allegedly a member of a “sovereign citizens” movement - a fringe group that doesn't recognize U.S. statutes, tax laws ...
        Las Vegas 'sovereign citizens' fugitive caught in ND
        Bismarck Tribune - Aug 14, 2012

        LAS VEGAS (AP) - Authorities have arrested in North Dakota a fugitive they describe as a national leader in the "sovereign citizens"' movement. Fifty-seven-year-old Samuel Davis pleaded guilty last year in a $1.3 million money laundering scheme in Las ...
        Laying Down Law To 'Sovereign' Men
        The Spokesman Review (blog) - Aug 9, 2012

        The truck was covered in sovereign citizen signs, including one that said it was a “noncommercial private vehicle” and “no trespassing.
        2 sovereign citizens arrested after Wash. standoff
        Police News - Aug 11, 2012

        The truck was covered in sovereign citizen signs, including one that said it was a "noncommercial private vehicle" and "no trespassing.
        Isn't this the source of the Federal Reserve, Freeman, Sovereign Citizen CT?
        Democratic Underground - Aug 12, 2012

        Isn't this the source of the Federal Reserve, Freeman, Sovereign Citizen CT? Last edited Sun Aug 12, 2012, 10:54 PM USA/ET - Edit history (1).
        In the News: Iowa Senate Candidate Ends Campaign, Joins Sovereign Citizen ... - Jul 18, 2012

        The Republic for the United States is the largest sovereign citizen movement in the U.S. The basic philosophy is that our current government is a de facto government, and that the Republic's version is the legitimate one.
        Leader in anti-government movement convicted of money laundering
        Las Vegas Review - Journal - Jul 24, 2012

        Shawn Rice, a leader in the anti-government "sovereign citizens" movement, was convicted in federal court Tuesday in a $1.3 million money laundering scheme.
        Hartford Courant

        Alleged 'Redemption Theory' Scam Has Roots In Ultra-Right-Wing Dogma
        Hartford Courant - Jul 21, 2012

        Elvick's theory has been embraced by the sovereign citizen movement, whose extremist adherents claim they are essentially a nation unto themselves and have no obligation to the American government, including paying taxes, possessing a driver's license ...
        Opinion: Sovereignty kills: Why Americans cannot disarm
        Montreal Gazette - Aug 1, 2012

        Jacksonian ideas pervade American political society and popular culture, appearing in their more extreme forms in anti-immigrant “citizen patrols” and anti-everything “sovereign citizens” groups. This makes it nearly impossible for Americans to ...
        Jonassen guilty of kidnapping daughter - Jul 19, 2012

        Jonassen, a Kansas man in his late 50s and a self-described Sovereign Citizen, represented himself in the trial. The FBI has identified the group as a domestic terrorism threat.
        Defendant representing self in kidnapping trial calls victim to testify - Jul 18, 2012

        Jonassen is a self-described Sovereign Citizen, part of an anti-government group the FBI has identified as a domestic terrorism threat.
        An old, sordid politically partisan past - Jul 24, 2012

        This claim of sovereignty as a basis for race discrimination has an old, sordid, politically partisan past. A prime example was the claim by racist whites that they had the sovereign right to define citizenship decisions based on race. Look where that ...
        The News International

        In dire need of good leadership
        The News International - 14 hours ago

        On August 14, 1947, I was a free man, proud citizen of a free, independent, and sovereign country which I could call my own, a country I could live for and die for.
        Reding offers vision of political union
        New Europe - 5 hours ago

        European Commissioner for Justice Viviane Reding has put forward a five point plan to ignite a debate on the future of the European Union, but this intervention is aimed at policy experts and the 500 million European citizens. Writing 20 years after ...
        Bayside Man Accused of Threatening to Kill Pennsylvania Bank Employees ... - Aug 8, 2012

        Michael Chung, who has described himself as a member of the "sovereign citizen movement," was arrested at his home Tuesday night by federal agents after he faced a threat to a Sovereign Bank in Pottsville, which is about 100 miles from Philadelphia ...
        Equal at birth
        Gisborne Herald - 11 hours ago

        In Webster's dictionary, a citizen is defined as one owing allegiance to a state in which sovereign power is retained by the people and sharing in the political rights of those people.
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      • Soup McGee """" A prime example was the claim by racist whites that they had the sovereign right to define citizenship decisions based on race. Look where that led us.""""""
        Regarding “Two groups clash over race, tribal sovereignty” (Our Views, July 20):...See More
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  3. Mmmm. My first and last post at Bartons wall. LOL
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  4. Who do you think won the battle? Scorpion or Black Widow?
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  13. Soup McGee likes an article.
    Paul Ryan cosponsored a bill that has the plain intent of allowing states to ban abortion, with no exceptions for rape or incest.
  14. Soup McGee recommends an article on The Detroit News.
    Whole lot of people, including national leaders of the Republican party, have been calling Harry Reid a liar but they’re wrong. Harry Reid told the truth. He di...See More
  15. yup. - vince
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  20. Soup McGee recommends an article on The Washington Post.
  21. Soup McGee recommends an article on The Washington Post.
    Palin makes appearance on Fox News, Palin complains about the media.
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      • Soup McGee ‎--I mean, wow, born the year of the Rose scandal, the year of the Mitchell MVP, the year Schmidt retired...--
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  25. Soup McGee likes an article on
    Yes, it's true: Barack Obama is black. But the more shocking thing is that we have fooled ourselves into believing it doesn't matter.
  26. A response to the nationwide push to ban Shariah in US Courts.
  27. The Department of Justice on Friday uncovered a so-called “School-to-Prison pipeline” in Mississippi, where teachers and principals are shipping off children in...
    See More
  28. Soup McGee likes an article.
    Meet her mentor, Allen Quist. He believes dinosaurs coexisted with man, women are "genetically predisposed" to subservience—and he's running to join his protégée in Congress.
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  33. Soup McGee likes an article on TPM.
    The Romney campaign is sounding the alarm over some hyperbolic language Vice President Joe Biden used on the trail Tuesday — language that Republicans have also used.
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  35. As Rep. Paul D. Ryan, below, was railing against President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package as a “wasteful spending spree,” he wrote at least four letters to Obama’s secretary of energy asking that millions of dollars from the program be granted to a pair of Wisconsin conservation groups, according to documents obtained by the Globe.

    The story:
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      • Soup McGee
        ‎""""""""Other departures from small-government orthodoxy by Ryan include his support of President George W. Bush’s Medicare prescription drug program, the TARP bailout of Wall Street, and the auto bailout.

        In addition to the appeals for s...See More
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    CNN's Candy Crowley to be first woman to moderate presidential debate in 20 years; CBS News' Bob Schieffer to moderate on October 22
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        The richest four hundred families, jointly owning the majority of the most profitable corporations and in their sixth or seventh generation of landed gentry are depending on a Third Wave of Reformation in Christianity and a voting bloc dete...See More
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      • Soup McGee
        Admin II
        Murfreesboro judge won't let new mosque open....A good step in the right direction...........

        ...See More
      • Soup McGee
        Quick Question?

        Muslims refer to Jesus as Isa al-Masih, the last suggesting a corruption of "Messiah". So, if this forgery has Jesus saying that Jesus is not the Messiah, but Muhammad is, would this be another contradiction of Islamic doct...See More
  43. Soup McGee likes an article on The Root.
    The Department of Justice digs into the magnolia state's practice of criminalizing children.
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  46. Soup McGee recommends an article on TPM.
    DNC chair and Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz pointed out on "Fox News Sunday" that the Affordable Care Act has extended the solvency of Medicare by eight...See More
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      • Soup McGee
        ‎,"Double-eesh..." : """ Surely, Romney suggested to applause, they could agree on this (around the 9:00 minute mark above):

        It strikes me as odd that the free exercise of religious faith is sometimes treated as a problem, something Americ...See More
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  50. OK ... I want this spread FAR and WIDE! Rick Green, David Barton's radio show co-host, posted a post on his website saying: "If you can show me specifics that back up the image created by the critics innuendo, I’ll post it right here for the world to see." I just posted a comment on Rick Green's post accepting his challenge, which as you can see in the screen capture here is currently "awaiting moderation." I want it know EVERYWHERE that I accepted Green's challenge. I'll put the link to Green's post in the comments. Fly, my minions, fly!!!!
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  52. Thanks to d.c. RockStar Bill Burton for taking time from his busy schedule of pummeling the entire Romney campaign into the dirt (with what is just an opening salvo) --to attend his birthday party thrown by his awesome wife. Now back to work, Bill! Go Team Priorities USA!
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  53. Interesting perspective on immigration. From 'We see what you did there' page. ~Emine
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  58. Hi Grandma! Shouldn't you be at work?
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  64. BREAKING: Mitt Romney will announce his VP choice tomorrow (Saturday, August 11th) at 9 a.m. EST.

    Rumor has it he'll choose Paul Ryan. How much do you wanna bet he made Ryan show him more than 2 years of taxes?

    (photo by Gage Skidmore)
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  66. On Friday morning, "Democracy Now," a nationally-syndicated independent radio and television program, covered The Huffington Post's recent report on the connect...See More
    Author: Cole Stangler
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  70. Soup McGee likes an article on TPM.
    Mitt Romney’s remarks that Israel’s GDP is superior to the Palestinian territories because of its “culture” — and confusing subsequent walk back — are putting his defenders in an awkward position.
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      • Soup McGee
        Group: We had no evidence to punish man now accused in hepatitis ...

        CNN - 16 hours ago
        Authorities accuse him of stealing drugs from Exeter Hospital, and it's believed he infected 30 people in New Hampshire with hepatitis C ...
        Local: Del...See More
  73. When people say they are entitled to their opinion and we should respect those with opposing views - I call BULLSHIT! When you turn the other cheek when people are being oppressed, you become the oppressor. Thinking you are superior to o...See More
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  74. Mitt Romney’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Trip To Europe
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      • Monica Paluski
        LOL...I don't care what religion someone is...if they want to worship trees that is ok with me. God is for everyone...not a religion or anything else. Look at the Catholic church and all the sexual abuse by think God wouldn'...See More
        August 1 at 1:46pm · Edited · · 1
      • Soup McGee accepts prayers, doesn't send them; is grateful when my lungs collapse/and fill with air again."
  76. now features some snazzy and powerful crime tracker maps! Scroll around the maps to find your neighborhood.
    JUPITER: More
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  80. Schlitz and Count Chocula. Mmmmm. What's your combo?
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  81. A New Hampshire hospital lab technician indicted last week for infecting 31 people with Hepatitis C might have infected "tens of thousands" of patients in at least 13 hospitals, ABC News has learned. Story:

    Testing of more than 3,000 people who may have been infected was canceled this weekend, leaving some former patients scared and angry. Read more:
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  82. Soup McGee likes a link.
    The widespread belief on the right that Barack Obama is a Muslim is one of the stranger features of this period in history. There are some of them who know that Obama says he's a Christian but are
  83. Security Threat!
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  84. Soup McGee recommends an article on Ventura County Star.
    I have noticed the plethora of recent letters endorsing Tony Strickland. Most have the same talking points about preventing tax increases, saving Naval Base Ventura County and creating jobs.

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